May 21, 2024


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After $15,000, a Diablo immortal player obtained a legendary gem

After $15,000, a Diablo immortal player obtained a legendary gem

Immortal Diablo

picture: Blizzard

The last time we checked in on a streaming device Queen And his attempts to buy his way to glory Immortal DiabloAnd the He spent $6,600 and didn’t get a single 5-star Epic Gem. I am happy(?) to report that after doubling his investment, he finally got a loot.

as such I wrote earlier in the month:

You might think that after a while you’ll finally get some of the best game gear, a 5-star legendary gem, because that’s how the law of averages works, right? Wrong – wrong – wronged! As Quin69 has clearly demonstrated here, the law of averages is inherently harsh and unpredictable, which is why bookmakers have been profiting from it since the dawn of history, and why games like it. Immortal Diablo It is built on predatory economic models designed to exploit people’s most dangerous and vulnerable psychological impulses.

that was then! That’s now, and Quin has posted it after spending NZ$25,165 ($15,818) on the game – with NZ$10,000 of that coming in single stream—Has a 5-star Epic Gem:

Remember, simply buying your way to these items isn’t the only way to get itAnd, as we’ve seen here it is indeed the worst path, but that’s not the point. The point here is that having it as an option at all is one of the reasons why the economics of predatory games sucks!

as such Kotaku AU Wrote When reporting it’s done:

Quinn has certainly drawn his share of criticism throughout the experience. His reckless spending and outbursts of rage after failed drops have many questioning his emotional stability. Others, even in our comments, were unhappy to see him give Blizzard exactly what he wanted: his money. In the end, though, he proved his point. Hunting for legendary five-star gems is a wacky quest, a system designed to clear bank accounts while giving very little to the player.

Anyway, thanks for your service, Quin69. You can now stop playing Diablo Immortal for good.

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