May 20, 2024


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Air Algeria is operated by an Algerian from France

Air Algeria is operated by an Algerian from France

Immigration – Algeria visas and travel When you’re at the airport, it’s common to hear audio messages for passengers. These notices may relate to information regarding flights, safety rules or boarding procedures. But for one Algerian in France, the loud announcement by the national airline, Air Algeria, provoked a sneer.

“It’s soft and it hurts my ears. It’s not in Algiers, it’s an Air Algerie announcement,” he joked as he posed on the Paris airport’s departure lounge level. He specifically noted that news broadcasts in Arabic are broadcast with greater volume, given the total mastery of the mother tongue. “He (the employee of the national company who issued the notice) learned without understanding,” he adds.

Although this may seem like an innocent joke, it raises important questions about the language skills of Algerian companies and how they are perceived by foreign customers. Indeed, the irony of the situation is that the national airline, which is supposed to be a model for language proficiency, has come under criticism.

However Air Algeria has already been criticized by its passengers for the quality of its services. However, this time, the quality of his communication has been questioned. Passengers expect Algeria’s national airline to live up to international standards in service and communication. They want the Algerian carrier to provide them with a pleasant travel experience and clear and efficient communication.

Air Algeria’s use of English may seem like a quick fix for communicating with foreign passengers, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to ignore the quality of communication in general. Algeria is a multilingual country and it is important for Algerian companies to communicate clearly with all customers, whether Algerian or foreign.

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Therefore, it is necessary for Air Algeria to invest in language training for its employees, especially those in direct contact with passengers such as check-in agents, flight attendants and customer service personnel. In addition, the airline must develop clear and effective communication standards using the passenger’s native language, Arabic, French or English.

Linguistic skills are essential for Algerian companies that want to position themselves in the international market. Companies need to communicate in their own language to better understand their customers and meet their needs. Companies need to interact with foreign customers to provide quality services and increase their visibility abroad.

In short, passengers mocking Air Algeria for using English in its audio messages raises important questions about the linguistic competence of Algerian companies. It is important for Algerian companies to invest in language training for their employees and create clear and effective communication standards using the native language of travelers. Algerian companies should communicate with their customers in their native language, to better understand and respond to their needs, and improve their competitiveness in the international market.

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