May 30, 2024


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An English artist warns of global warming.

An English artist warns of global warming.

Strike rather than a demonstration.

The Provisional Summer Exhibition opened this Tuesday Climate clubs British artist Kyle Herman-Turner. Many large flags bearing the image of English clubs were seen in the main hall of the Royal Academy of Art in London, but were revisited by the artist. The purpose of this project? Warning on Climate Crisis by Football. “What would the world be like if we cared about global warming even half as much as our football clubs?” This is how Kyle introduces his endeavor.

If you take the logos of Manchester City, Brentford, Hull City or Birmingham, the whole process is well thought out as the flags are available for sale and the profit is donated to the Association Against Global Warming. “Each flag is sold in 25 copies, representing the percentage of venues in the English Championship at risk of flooding by 2050.” The artist explains on his Instagram account.

In France, the crisis has already begun. Bordeaux sinks …

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