July 23, 2024


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An English big name already wants to treat itself to Eli Wahi!  — foot11.com

An English big name already wants to treat itself to Eli Wahi! — foot11.com

Lent season is definitely special. Since the start of the championship, Franck Haise’s men have faced difficulties in maintaining the same pace as last season. Questioned? A brutal lack of realism that the RC lens lacked in the previous year ultimately saw Chang et al finish second on the podium. With the painful departures of Sego Fobana and Luis Opanda, Frank Hyes lost a large part of his attacking output in the space of a transfer window. The management relied on Eli Wahi to replace the Belgian striker who left for RB Leipzig. The former Montpellier striker, despite being very young and already well-accustomed to Ligue 1 pitches, has struggled to integrate into the Lensois eleven. A big name in the Premier League already watching him has no fear.

Eli Wahi in view of the Premier League

His mixed performances in Ligue 1 cast doubt on Frank Hyes’ coaching and his ability to fully integrate into his particular system. However, Eli Wahi caught the attention of English teams thanks to his XXL matches in the Champions League. Wahi scored in the 69th minute of a brilliant performance to give Lensois victory over Arsenal. And according to Ekrem NogurTurkish sports journalist, Newcastle will not be indifferent to the charm of the 20-year-old striker.

However, it all seems to be at a point of interest, as RC Lens is unlikely to let go of their new jewel. Acquired by the management of Sang et Or for 35 million euros, Vahi is still fully part of the Lensois project. Magpies, on the other hand, have other strings to their bows. In fact, the management of the English club will also keep an eye on former Lensois Lois Opanda. Again, the chances of such a transaction happening are slim. You can’t succeed if you don’t try…

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