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An English club will offer a fortune to rescue Pape Gueye

An English club will offer a fortune to rescue Pape Gueye

On July 21, the clearance fell. The Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld FIFA's 4-month suspension of Babe Guevara. The Senegalese international was sanctioned as part of his dispute with Watford. Having moved from Le Havre to the English club in 2020, he finally signed for OM a few weeks later without wearing Watford's colours. CAS confirmed the player had terminated his contract with Watford “Without Reason”. The end of this summer, after an interesting loan to Sevilla, Babe Gueye was unable to play and returned to OM. Enough to put off interested clubs this summer. But his return to form with the Spanish club gave ideas to OM and Marcelino, who kept him playing during the build-up despite knowing full well that he would not be available at the start of the season.

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Spanish technician left, Senegal international (17 caps) Gattuso has not lost popularity either. Olympian supporters were also impatient to see the 24-year-old rejoin Marseille with Tunik to bring in a midfielder who is sometimes regarded as a fluke. Finally, on December 6, Pape Gueye finally wore the OM jersey for 6 minutes against OL. Since then, he has regained his composure with a good twenty minutes against Lorient. And although he is far from regaining his rhythm, his profile has been admired by various clubs in England.

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Burnley want to offer 17 million

According to information from the sun Having already revealed that OM do not want to keep Pape Gueye this winter, the Burnley club will make an XXL offer to sign the Senegalese this winter. Indeed, Vincent Kompany's side are desperately looking to strengthen themselves in midfield, with the Premier League in a tight spot with a final point. The former Manchester City player highly admires the profile of Babe Gueye and believes he can bring to his team. In this sense, the English tabloid reveals that the English administration will issue a check for 17 million euros to OM to restore it this winter. Because there is an emergency.

But that's not all. Always trust the odds the sun, the former Sevilla player (16 matches, 1 goal) is also looking to get a second chance with the Premier League and find a Championship he appreciates. And this obviously doesn't bother Gattuso, who wouldn't be against his player leaving, especially at this price. Because these 17 million will release him from the last six months of his contract, allowing OM to invest in different positions in the winter transfer window. The only obstacle for Burnley at the moment is the CAN as Pape Gueye has a good chance of being called up by Senegal and therefore not missing a good chunk of January or February. Not suitable for transfer…

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