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An English couple offers language stays at a guest house in Weston

An English couple offers language stays at a guest house in Weston

Irina and Brian Smith greet us at a guest house in Weston Village with a smile on their face. Once through the door, English becomes the official language. Originally from the UK, Irina and Bryan have traveled their lives: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow. He, the property manager, she, the engineer then the English teacher. One summer in 2019, they fall in love with France. “We had rented a motor home to tour the country. We were looking for a city to settle in. We wanted this house right in Weston.”

Beautiful house

Traded after the former restaurant, this century-old property retains its charm. “With our son Alex, we updated it to retain the original features,” Brian explains. The house is then converted into a separate bathroom with 6 bedrooms. The couple mainly welcomes tourists crossing France, residents of large cities or family reunions expecting the tranquility of the countryside. “At first, we wanted to build a simple lodge, but Kovit has changed everything. Communication has become very difficult, so we thought our guest house should become more than that. “

Irina and Brian lived in Du Champ de Foyer, 6th place in Weston. Photo by Chloé Plisson

Learn while having fun

This is where the “Weston Project” was born. A language stay with English lessons offered by Irina, compatible moments like visiting the neighborhood and sports evening, barbecue or popular English tea time. “We called it: fun English holidays, because learning English is not the goal as in school, but through discussions and games,” explains Irina. “We welcome people who want to improve their English or simply learn it. To fulfill this option for sharing, the living room, dining room and kitchen are open to all. “We offer a meal plan with fruits and vegetables from our vegetable garden, but people can cook well together.”

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Irina and Brian are with their Labrador. Photo by Chloé Plisson

Outside, visitors get a garden. Irina and Brian also built a sauna and a swimming pool to provide travelers with relaxing moments. Electric bikes are also available. “We want people to feel at home. So Irina has customized the house with her creations: toys she sews in her spare time.” We’ve worked all our lives for others, and now we work for ourselves, doing what we love, “Irina exclaims.

“We want to meet people and new cultures.”

Brian (Empty)

After two years at Perry, the couple has discovered their presence. “We want to live here. We like French gastronomy, but above all lifestyle. We go to the market and even make friends. Irina also teaches English at the Soul Choice-Le-Potier Village School and continues to conduct distance education courses. “I love teaching, I was able to combine this passion and my dream of a guest house, so I was fulfilled,” says Irina. “We want to meet people and new cultures.” In Irina and Bryan, the holidays are cultural and harmonious. In English please!

Chloe Blisson