February 26, 2024


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An English teacher was severely beaten by a fourth grader

Last Friday, a 4th grader at Fabian College in Saint-Denis severely assaulted his English teacher. The shocking attack on this company.

Last Friday, a teacher at Fabian College in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, was severely beaten by one of his 4th graders. The student was taken into custody.

In a press release, the teachers state that the student “violently attacked her with his bare hands”. “Immediately, the students intervened and rescued their teacher who was taken to the hospital by Samuel.”

The violent aggression of their English teacher targets many students in college.

“Nobody wants to talk about it. It’s weird, we were never like that in college. Students, supervisors, teachers are all shocked,” one student promises.

Umar knows very well the 4th grade student who scored his teacher. He was his best friend, he did not understand. “He’s a good boy, and it’s rare to get angry like that. Personally, I have never seen him like that. In general, he’s good, he laughs at people, he’s not doing things, ”he says.

Absence of continuous staff

A little further on, on the way to college, Adele tells us about her teacher who was praised by many students. “She’s good, she’s normal. She teaches normally, she teaches English to students,” he says.

At Fabian College, more than 500 students and their parents feel the academic community has been abandoned. Catherine Denise, FCPE representative and mother of a 9th grade boy, points out the lack of resources.

“We still have a shortage of staff. For example, when my son was in ninth grade, he had no earth history for six months. I took all his schedules from sixth grade and overall, he missed one year of his college education, ”he says.

To hear that, the parents of many students have decided to send a letter to Brigitte Macron.