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Anizy-le-Château: SAS English training to suit everyone’s needs

Anizy-le-Château: SAS English training to suit everyone’s needs

“I joined SAS Training English 2018 as Administrative Assistant. I was then responsible for all administrative follow-ups of the company »Isabelle Taguet, president of the Anizy-le-Château-based company, remembers Storck. “I never considered the possibility of being the head of a structure like this, it’s really just the circumstances… but it’s an amazing challenge.”The man who took over the coaching firm at the end of 2019 after the death of its founder, Anne-Sophie Ruhl, is all smiles with three coaches.

Give priority to man

“We are a small organization, which suits us well. If we want to improve our operations, we are not destined to become a giant in the field.Isabelle Taguet Storck confides, is very connected to the human approach to training recommended by SAS Formation Anglais. “We offer à la carte training, tailored to the needs of our interlocutors, whether they are students, employees or individuals”She continues.

After the first contact, the company’s teams send a needs analysis to fully understand the expectations of the future intern. Then comes the level of testing, which helps determine the level of each.

“They are sometimes surprised by their own decisions.”He believes in a leader who wants to avoid roadblocks at any cost. “Many self-censors, they don’t dare to speak, they are afraid to express themselves in another language. We have a very simple approach, above all we want them to love English and support them in their progress. For example, grammar is integrated into conversation lessons, this is not a school approach”Isabelle Taguet Storck explains.

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SAS Formation offers distance and face-to-face courses. (c) Adobe Stock)

A la carte training

Depending on the timing of training and the expectations of each trainee, the SAS Formation Angles team determines the pace of the program and courses. “We are very flexible. After the health crisis, most of the courses are offered remotely, which makes it possible to adapt more neatly to everyone’s schedules. We also offer face-to-face discussions. It is important for us to maintain a special connection with the coaches », she points out. At the end of each course, learners can receive a TOIC-type certificate or take internal tests to determine their level.

“English has become indispensable today more than ever. It is part of several training programs for students and staff, which is increasingly necessary », says Isabelle Taguet Storck, a company that started importing/exporting management software in English. For its medium-term future, the company and its new managers want to stabilize the operation and continue to improve it to continue its founding mission.