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Anne Pauline shocks the English in Serie 25

Anne Pauline shocks the English in Serie 25

Review – Hosted by an actress of Jamaican descent, the miniseries rehabilitates Henry VIII’s wife from a close and unified angle.

Of the six wives of Henry VIII of England, Anne Bolin, who was beheaded in 1536, gained a very sultry reputation after a thousand days together: an enchanted woman accused of witchcraft and having an affair with her brother, and responsible for the sufferings of a pious chief. Wife of King Catherine of Aragon. “Her story was told by the mighty men of the time: Henry (Tudors), Cromwell (Wolf Hall). She is seldom remembered as a political animal killed by her ambitious husband. Our books value this view even more,” says Anne Pollyn. Directing producer Faye Ward suffocates.

The character who speaks to women

His three-part miniseries, betting on Serie 25, caused a storm across the channel. His guilt of majesty? The role of Elizabeth I’s mother was handed over to Turner-Smith, a couple of Jamaican descent. Obedience to the command of political honesty corrupts opponents of this sentimental portrait, which deserves to be summarized in this controversy. “We did not choose her because the couple was black: her background echoed with Anne’s.

Loneliness and paranoia

Instead of depicting for the eleventh time the firm and erotic court between Barbe-Blu and his mistress’ inspiration, the fiction begins five months before Anne’s humiliation. Pregnant, believing in a long-awaited son, the Queen is at the peak of her influence over the King. Councilor Cromwell disagreed that he did not measure the uncertainty of his position in a society where “a woman’s power rests in her womb”.

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The camera never leaves her. Henry VIII (rightly or wrongly) is in the suburbs. The organization underscores Anne’s isolation in court and her growing paranoia. His universe was reduced to his apartment and the ruined aerobics of waiting women. Altier, seen in the duo Turner-Smith, the Queen & Slim movie and The Last Ship series, reveals an impressive inner strength that sometimes compensates for lame conversation. It is the Achilles heel of a queen’s psychological biography, the tragic fate of which still haunts fantasies, sometimes to the point of associating it with Princess Diana.

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