July 14, 2024


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Apple’s next generation of CarPlay will start with Porsche and Aston Martin

Apple’s next generation of CarPlay will start with Porsche and Aston Martin

Apple said we’ll get vehicle announcements tied to “next-generation” wireless CarPlay by the end of 2023, and today, it showed off mockups of the extended dashboard UI designed for Porsche and Aston Martin. Rather than just taking over the infotainment center and small portions of areas within the dashboard, it seeks to overhaul all of the displays of a given vehicle.

This theme is different for each automaker and CarPlay also gives you access to car features, such as radio and temperature settings. In the Porsche setting, there’s a three-dial layout with the speedometer on the left and wallpaper designed to match the ornate seat pattern.

In Aston Martin design, there’s a media display in the centre, flanked by the speedometer and tachometer, and outlined in the brand’s signature green colour. Car driver Reports indicate that all driving data is delivered by the car’s sensors, even when your iPhone is running apps, noting that according to Apple, the phone does not store or track information issued by the car.

This feature was announced at Apple’s WWDC developer conference in 2022 At the same event this yearIt asked app developers to prepare for the new system, which adds pairing with specific car keys, a simplified connection flow, improved Siri, and other changes.

It’s being presented as the “ultimate iPhone experience” within the car, which goes a step beyond overlays like traditional CarPlay, Android Auto, or even Google’s built-in apps (which Porsche will also eventually support). It’s also different from Android Automotive because it’s still managed by your phone.

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Car driver It is also reported that Aston Martin will support this in the infotainment system that will be launched next year in cars such as the DB12 and its convertible version, the DB12 Volante. Porsche’s plans are less clear. However, Porsche spokesman Calvin Kim said in an email that the integration of its systems “will go further” than current setups with the launch of the all-electric Macan, and more details will be available next year once they are revealed.