June 25, 2024


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At $15,500, would you get it with this 2007 Chevy Corvette?

At $15,500, would you get it with this 2007 Chevy Corvette?

today Nice price or no dice The C5 Corvette features a six-speed stick and a huge rear spoiler that definitely makes a statement. Let's see if its price is sedate by contrast.

Custom cars and trucks are never highly regarded here, and A 1985 Toyota 4Runner powered by an SBC engine We looked at last Friday and there was no exception. Although the design looked nice, it wasn't what you would call a crowd pleaser. This was obvious to the seller, who had to lower the price of the truck a bit before we even considered it. For our contest, the asking price was $22,500, and apparently that wasn't enough to go down as you all voted against it at a whopping 88 percent loss with no dice.

Friday's 4Runner was the last and final no-dice vote for 2023. It's now bright and bright 2024, a new year full of new opportunities and possibilities. One such possibility is that you may be willing to be a Corvette owner. Consider your logos. Do you own a pair of Jorts? Is there a pair of white New Balance trainers taking up prime real estate in your shoe rack? Have you ever worn – or do you now wear – a mask?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you're on your way to the full uniform of a Corvette owner. Congratulations! Now we just have to find you a 'Vette. Oh, look, here's one now.

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this 2007 Chevy Corvette C6 There seems to be a lot going on, as well as some questionable themes that we'll get to. In the overdrive column, the car has a Tremec six-speed manual transmission behind a 6.0-liter LS2 V8. This has a Computer Assisted Gear Shift (CAGS) nanny that forced 1 to 4 shifts when not calling on the full 400 hp engine corral.

Another feather in the Corvette's cap is the Z51 Performance Package. This provides stiffer springs, fatter anti-sway bars, re-valved shocks, and larger cross-drilled brakes, providing an excellent balance of ride and handling.

This car has only driven 80,870 miles over its life on the road. A clean title, new brakes and a clean overall look add to the 'Vette's appeal.

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On the downside, while the mileage is low, those miles seem to be well documented in the roughness of the driver's seat. It should just take a good detail to get it right, but… well, gross.

Then there are the twin problems of that big stupid wing on the hatch and the deletion of the silencer which may make the car noisier than most people would like. Both modifications would be fairly expensive to review, especially the wing as it appears to be bolted through the hole, requiring patching and painting (or a new hole) to dispose of properly.

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Other than the spoiler, the car looks very nice in its LeMans Blue paint and factory chromed alloys. The interior, with the exception of the driver's throne, appears faultless and fully optioned. According to the seller, an extra set of rear tires will come with the car as an added lure. The asking price is $15,500, and it was reportedly recently reduced, just like yesterday's Toyota.

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But is the reduction enough for our tastes? what do you think? Is the winged C6 worth $15,500 as shown in the ad? Or do simple but expensive, reversible adjustments mean the seller isn't done with the price cuts?

It's your decision!

Gainesville, Florida, CraigslistOr go here If the ad disappears.

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