May 24, 2024


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Atlus character follow-up metaphor: ReFantazio gets release date

Atlus character follow-up metaphor: ReFantazio gets release date

Metaphor: ReFantazio, the next game from Persona developer Atlus, finally has a release date: October 11, 2024.

We already knew that Metaphor was scheduled to release this year, but in a new streamed trailer, the exact date of the game has been confirmed as well as an in-depth look at gameplay for the first time.

Metaphor: Director Katsura Hashino, after the studio's work on the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, said ReFantazio is set to be “the culmination of our RPGs.” Its release marks the 35th anniversary of the first Atlus game. Hashino explained more about Metaphor's fictional setting and the twist on how to play a familiar character.

Metaphor: ReFantazio – The King's Trial | Xbox SeriesWatch on YouTube

The story focuses on a young protagonist who is drawn into a magical election when the King of the World dies. Anyone of any social status can become the next king by gaining the support of the population, leading to a global adventure and a battle for the throne.

The protagonist is of lower status, but still determined to win the throne – along with his fairy mate. But does the world deserve to be judged?

Unlike previous Atlus RPGs, players can fight in real-time with attacks and dodges, ensuring field exploration is dynamic and should make grinding faster. Of course, there remains turn-based combat in which players use a job system known as archetypes. Heroes achieve these heroic personas by confronting their fears, through special powers that appear in different forms – yes, a bit like the characters.

Furthermore, the environments are much more expansive than in other Atlus games. Although it's not an open world, each area is large and explorable, which the protagonist can maneuver by sliding on his sword. The broadcast featured the evolving capital city, and debuted a more pastoral, medieval-style town where players could find bounty requests and talk to informants to gain details about dungeons.

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Players will also travel around the world in their vehicle, the Gauntlet Runner, designed by Evangelion artist Ikuto Yamashita. However, traveling takes time, as tied to the calendar structure familiar to Persona players, as well as the order in which quests are completed will impact gameplay and story. Furthermore, travel takes place inside a vehicle where players can rest, cook, interact with their group, or even stand on the deck to watch the world go by.

The anime sequences look absolutely fantastic. | Image credit: Atlas

Players will then explore multiple dungeons, both main story dungeons and side quest dungeons. In fact, there will be more dungeons in this game than in any previous Atlus game.

Hashino also detailed the vassal system, which simulates the growth of party relationships while on the road. As the bonds with the characters deepen, they become the protagonist's strongest supporters in his quest for the throne. This will also provide new archetypes to use in battle – there are a 'large' number to be found.

What is particularly clear is the presentation of the metaphor. The visuals have a muted and graphic look compared to the liveliness of the Persona games, with multiple artists involved in world design. Plus there's the expected flashy user interface. Interestingly, the music is played inside the protagonist's head rather than being cliche, as composer Shoji Meguro was tasked with creating a new sound away from the usual pop style. The big bands and choirs certainly fit the game's aesthetic.

Overall, Metaphor: ReFantazio is shaping up to be a unique take on the typical RPG conventions – inns, dungeons, magic – with a wealth of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. Being Atlus' most detailed and expansive game to date, it feels very special.

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For more information, you can Watch the full live broadcast And the latest trailer is above. More details are on the way, plus hands-on demonstrations will be running at various global events from June.

Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released on October 11 on PC and Xbox Series