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Back to school: reinforced English, a hostel and new teachers for Sévigné College in Flers

Back to school: reinforced English, a hostel and new teachers for Sévigné College in Flers

Alain Gauthier, Principal of Sévigné College in Flers (Orne), Sandrine Halin, new Vice-Principal. © Fighting Orne

Before that it’s time for the final product Back to school Teachers, then students, when Alain Gauthier welcomes us Tuesday, August 30, 2022. For this new school year, the Principal of Sévigné College counts about forty teachers 480 students Distributed from 6e In 3eIncluding nine of the Localized Units for Inclusive Education (ULIS).

This number allows for light classes with 20 to 23 students, except for Class 5, where they have classes of 26 to 28.

Alain Gauthier, Principal of Sévigné College

A new passion and practice

As the school year begins, the public establishment signs a few innovations. Starting with adding a new option with Latin, Greek and Chorus.

A file is submitted to open the European English option, but pending its verification, we offer it under the name Reinforced English.

Alain Gauthier

Concretely, it consists of the following two hoursEnglish In addition to the week, from 4e. “At the beginning of the school year, 24 students have registered, and we want to create this option, because no public college in Flers has done so until now. »

The college will be dedicated to meeting the needs of disadvantaged students as well as those who are comfortable Specific locations. “There will be one hour per class per week to support students in French and Maths, with occasional hours in depth in the same subjects. »

A hostel and school tour

At the same time, college students are looking forward to a new place: The Hall. “The work is being finalised, and it should be opened after the October vacation to allow the students to relax,” continued the principal, adding that a painting would be created there by the students as part of art classes.

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Students also have a lot to take advantage of The school is out of town Time of year: Traditional ski trip at 5 in DecembereHe is planning to go to Germany on the 4the and 3e4 in Irelandeat Deauville 3 for literary prize witheAnd Paris twice.

In order to do the exchanges, we intend to enter the Erasmus+ program for travel to Ireland.

Alain Gauthier

An American Evening!

The new matter should also be reported on the page Board of Education. Thomas Dufay is a history and geography teacher and Adele Dougette is a mathematics teacher. On the administrative side, Sandrine Hall is the new deputy principal, Coraline Crespin is the manager for the year, and Isabel Rabot is the executive secretary.

Videos: Currently on Actu

If fresh college students are welcome from 8:15 AM onwards, A Parent-child snackThursday 1R The principal is also intended for those who left the college in September and last June.

For the first time, we are organizing an American-style college graduation ceremony to put a high point after receiving this first diploma.

Alain Gauthier

The event will take place on Friday 18 November at 7pm at the Lecoq Room in Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers.

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