February 24, 2024


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Baril, the bath of youth for the British

Baril, the bath of youth for the British

Despite his 2m02 and his 116kg, David Rippons puts himself on a par with his Berre opponents.

Like Gulliver, he led a practice session with teammates Kyle Sinclair, Owen Farrell and Billy Vunipola on Saturday at the Arc Stadium in Perre, CO. RC Toulon’s future second line has been blasted just hours before the World Cup kicks off with XV de la Rose against Argentina.

I go back to childhood ! What I share with them is some of what I experienced when I was their age. Before being retained in the English national team, David took his first steps at Somerset West’s Rugby School. ” I see the same situation in South Africa. Rugby has the same enthusiasm. These unique moments are shared around a passion. »

“To be continued


Sharing the fascination of the oval ball, these four forces of nature have in common with Merovy, Maxens, Arthur, Raphael, and Logan. The eyes of these children from Berre-l’Étang and the surrounding area sparkled with emotion when they saw the arrival of these four champions.

I didn’t know them before. But honestly, they were good ! » For Tom, coaching led by David Rippons and Billy Vunipola will live forever in his memory. ” They inspired me to pursue rugby. It is mystical », he continues. Samuel will be a bit of a painful memory this morning. With a scratch on the knee, ” But that’s no big deal. I have already experienced this. For me, it’s important to have these great players in front of me “.

Four key players

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XV As for de la Rose’s administration, ” It is important to enjoy moments like these. We try to meet the children of the towns where we stay. A real pleasure to share personal moments with them. », notes the English press leader.

Kids aren’t the only ones who are fascinated by these minutes that count in their career as a rugby player. Their parents were equally focused on the training provided by the four internationals. Internationalists who salute the work carried out by COB’s academics, like David Ribbens. ” They do a very good job. Their exercises are really fun and make kids want to go further. “Salute to truth, words that went straight to the heart of Olivier Desfontaines” The British played. They brought four key players “.His supporters in the M10, M12 and M14 variants.” May have experienced such moments “.

After an hour of various exercises, the farewell moment was extended with a signing session at the end of a mini-match. The jersey, the shoes, the balls, the posters, all the supporters made this moment immortal. ” Showcasing the dynamism of oval ball in our city. This visit is a great reward for the work done by the club on a daily basis. “, notes Patrick Siurka, Deputy Mayor of Perre-l’Dang.