June 18, 2024


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Barometer of the best singers in English

Every week, Newspaper, In association with Leger, publishes a study of various subjects that affect you from near or far. Our barometer measures the vibrating or wrinkling of your face in Montreal or the region of Quebec, young and old, bronchophone, anglophone or allophone.

From the following list of singers, do you think you are the best?

1. Celine Dion: 27%

Photo courtesy, Denise Trussello

2. Adele: 11%

Photo D’Arcives, WENN.com

3. Elvis Presley: 11%

4. Whitney Houston: 9%

5. Agneta Fuelscock et al Annie-Fried Lingstadt (ABBA): 9%

6. Freddie Mercury (Queen): 8%

7. Elton John: 8%

8. Barbara Streisand: 7%

9. Brian Johnson (AC / DC): 7%

10. Ed Sheeran: 6%

11. Lady Gaga: 6%

12. Pink Floyd: 6%

13. Paul McCartney (The Beatles): 5%

14. Frank Sinatra: 5%

15. Michael Jackson: 5%

16. Aretha Franklin: 5%

17. Chris Martin (cool game): 5%

18. Amy Winehouse: 5%

19. John Bon Jovi (Bon Jovi): 5%

20. James Headfield (Metallica): 4%

21. Phil Collins: 4%

22. John Lennon (The Beatles): 4%

23. Bono (U2): 4%

24. Johnny Cash: 4%

25. Leonard Cohen: 4%

Eth method

The survey was conducted in two phases. An open question was asked to LEO (Leger Opinion) team members to submit the best singers. Only singers who sang in English were selected for this barometer. Then, from July 23 to 25, 2021 a scientific study was conducted among a thousand delegates Cubes, who, based on the most mentioned artists, could establish their first three choices from the list of 100 singers. Only the 25 most specified names are given in this barometer.

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When Celine appears on a barometer, there is no question: she will be first. On the other hand one can only be surprised to see Adele in second place, despite her short life she is one of the best singers of English songs. The following all refer to an era: Presley, Rock from the 1960s, ABBA, Disco from the 1970s, and Houston Pop from the 1980s.


The amazing presence of some singers like Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse is mainly due to the choices of 18 to 34 year olds. You have to understand them: most of them know only after the success of yesterday’s best singers. They never lived to their heights or peaks.


It is impossible to ignore the fact that Paul McCartney and John Lennon are far behind. Even the absence of some from Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrison to Mick Jagger. All musicians, even older than themselves, are backward in this barometer due to the fact that they belong to a band.

Philip Leger, Journal of Montreal

Celine is still in first place

Not surprisingly, Celine Dion was ranked number one among the favorite singers on this English-speaking barometer: she was also on the barometer of Quebec singers loved by Quebecs. Whether they like his talents or not, even his biggest opponents recognize the exceptional quality of his voice.

But what really knocks me out is that an artist like Barbra Streisand, precisely an inspiration to Celine, is not high on the list. Especially those mMe The 79-year-old Streisand has just released a new album, and his voice has not lost any of its strength. Even after a life spanning six decades!

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Jackson and Cohen

I am glad to see that the answers to this poll are not tainted by political correctness. In fact, Michael Jackson retains his place in the hearts of the Cubs, who were able to distinguish him from the exceptional singer (and musician) and the demon-possessed villain monk with the small children he invited to his Neverland kingdom.

Looking at this list, I ask myself a question: When we choose the “best singers”, does it boil over in the voice?

If so, I am Leonard Cohen Fan First of all, not on the list: everyone agrees that he sings his songs and that his voice is not the sweetest in the world.

In his most recent biography I read, Untold Stories: Early Years, By Michael Bosner In the 1960s, many around him say they were amazed when the young poet began to sing: no one liked his voice!

His work, the universe, the glamor all add to his list. But he knows how many people who “voted” him are teachers Hallelujah And Long, Marion A little boy from Montreal?

Sophie Drocher, The Journal of Montreal

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