May 20, 2024


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Behind our voices.  Carla Bruni among English (and French) poets

Behind our voices. Carla Bruni among English (and French) poets

All Summer”Behind our voices We meet eight important artists of French song, who at home, and with their instrument in hand, reveal to us the secrets of their creations. Tuesday, August 2With her guitar in hand, Carla Bruni remembers the poets she embraced.

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So we were in Carla Bruni, he had a guitar in his hand. We were talking about singing and poetry and she sang to us Gone are those dancing days, An adaptation of a poem by William Butler Yeats. He recorded it on his second album in 2006. At the time, she didn’t experience the embarrassment Joni Mitchell experienced when she wanted to set poetry to music. Leaning towards Bethlehem By Eats.

In this episode, you hear excerpts from Behind Our Voices:

Carla Bruni sings to us Gone are those dancing days, 2022

Joni Mitchell, Leaning toward Bethlehem, 1991

Carla Bruni, Before the world was formed, 2006

Carla Bruni, autumn, 2006

Carla Bruni sings to us i will always love you, 2022

Carla Bruni, The possibility of an island, 2008

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