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Bethenny Frankel announces her mother's death, sends candid tribute

Bethenny Frankel announces her mother's death, sends candid tribute

Bethenny Frankel

A brutally honest tribute to my mother…

You did the best you could

Bethenny FrankelHer mother died… and she posted several photos in her memory – while candidly assessing her mother's parenting.

The former “Real Housewives of New York” star shared several sweet photos that focused on her mother, Bernadettewho says she died of lung cancer…before diving in and unpacking her complicated feelings for her mother.

It's a very long analysis…but BF sums it up well above – saying that her mother dealt with her own demons while Bernadette added that Bethenny needed to flee an abusive home early on.

Bethenny describes her mother as funny, erudite, and wise… before saying she simply wasn't cut out to be a mother and didn't enjoy the responsibility very much.

In fact, Bethenny says she only started mending ties with her mother after her daughter Brainnow 13, was constantly pushing to meet her grandmother…and admits she's grateful they've had time to work on their relationship.

Frankel ends on a positive note…saying she considers her mother family despite everything they've been through and encouraging others to reach out to their estranged friends and family.

Anyone who has followed Bethenny's career knows how she felt about her mother. She opened up about their relationship in a 2010 People cover story… saying, “There was a lot of devastation: alcohol abuse, eating disorders, violent fights.”

Bethenny seems to be putting a lot of that aside now that her mother is gone… while not softening up their relationship too much.

Bernadette was reportedly 73 years old.

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