May 30, 2024


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Biden Administration Rejects Growing Accusations of Israeli Genocide in Gaza – Mother Jones

Biden Administration Rejects Growing Accusations of Israeli Genocide in Gaza – Mother Jones

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee at a hearing Tuesday that the United States lacks evidence that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.Graeme Sloan/SEPA/AP

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The United States refused on Tuesday Israel is accused of committing genocide against the Palestinians in its war against Hamas.

“We have no evidence that genocide occurred,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee at a hearing.

President Biden's recent efforts to make that happen, Austin told the committee pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's action to protect aid workers has led to “changes in behavior” by Israel, including the delivery of more humanitarian aid to Gaza. the News agency Reports indicate that protesters repeatedly interrupted Austin's appearances, demanding that the administration “stop the genocide.”

Austin's testimony comes as more Democrats are speaking out against the devastating effects of the war on the Palestinians and demanding that the United States halt arms transfers to Israel after seven World Central Kitchen employees were killed in Israeli airstrikes last week. The Israeli army claimed that the WCK convoy had been accidentally bombed. But WCK founder José Andrés has since rejected that explanation, saying his colleagues were “deliberately attacked” and “targeted”.

On Friday, 40 Democrats met in Congress, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). sender Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken sent a letter urging the administration to withhold new weapons transfers to Israel “until a full investigation into the airstrike is completed.” Pelosi's decision to sign the letter appears to represent a shift in her position toward Israel. The former House Speaker had previously recommended that the FBI investigate pro-Palestinian protesters. The message was conveyed by A Washington Post a report From late last month, it was revealed that the Biden administration recently authorized billions of dollars worth of bombs and fighter jets to be sent to Israel. These weapons included thousands of bombs that have previously been linked to mass casualties in war. As of Monday, there were 16 other lawmakers join the message.

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The Biden administration's insistence that genocide will not be carried out in Gaza follows statements by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) that began… Traded on Monday Warren said she believes the International Court of Justice will soon classify Israel's actions in Gaza as genocide. “If you were to do this as law enforcement, I think they would find it is genocide, and they have enough evidence to do that,” Warren told a crowd when pressed to address the issue of genocide.

Warren's office statement later subscriber With local news outlet GBH News clarifying that Warren was commenting on the ongoing legal proceedings at the International Court of Justice, “and did not share her views on whether genocide is occurring in Gaza.” Warren's spokesman did not immediately respond Mother Jones Request for comment.