July 22, 2024


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Billie Eilish stopped the party to check on fans’ safety despite Kanye West’s demand for an apology

Billie Eilish stopped the party to check on fans’ safety despite Kanye West’s demand for an apology

for the singer billie eilish The safety of her fans comes first. Recently, the 20-year-old singer performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday, February 18, abruptly stopping her concert to ensure the safety of her fans despite being criticized by Kanye West for stopping the party between them.

singer while performance I told her fans, “If you want to sit down, you’re allowed. Go ahead, sit down, take a breath.” In the video, she also says, “Take a step back and give everyone space here” while pointing forward.

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Check out the video posted by TMZ

In the latter incident, after seeing a fan in the crowd struggling to breathe, Bailey halted her show at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta and asked her audience to bring inhalers for the audience member. Bailey then resumed her show, saying, “I’m waiting for people to be OK so I can continue.”

He criticized Billy Travis Scott, who continued his work at the Astroworld Festival in November when a stampede during his performance killed 10 people and injured many more.

After her statement was deemed infringing, Kanye West slammed Bailey on Instagram and wrote: “Come to Bailey, we love you, please apologize for the travel and the families of the people who have lost their lives.

“No one meant this to happen, trav had no idea what was going on when he was on stage and was so hurt about what happened, and yes trav will be with me at Coachella but now I need Billy to apologize before I perform.”

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However, Billy is unrepentant and does not regret her statements. She explained, “She literally didn’t say anything about Travis. He was just helping a fan.”
Both made headlines after the controversy.

Travis was unaware of what had happened when the accident occurred. He wrote, “It wasn’t until minutes before the press conference that I found out exactly what had happened. Even after the show you kind of heard things, but I didn’t know the exact details until minutes before the show ended. Press conference.”

Scott also released a statement saying, “My thoughts are to the families and everyone affected by what happened at Astroworld,” Scott wrote on Twitter. “The Houston Emergency Department has my full support as it continues to consider the tragic loss of life.”

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