May 26, 2024


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'Black Ink Crew' star Cesar Emmanuel addresses viral dog abuse video

‘Black Ink Crew’ star Cesar Emmanuel addresses viral dog abuse video

Fresh separated by VH1 After the video surfaced He allegedly abused dogs, Black Ink Crow New YorkCaesar Emmanuel claims the whole thing was just preparation.

While chatting with New York-based TMZ producer Sele Posey Thursday night, Emanuel spoke of the backlash he’s faced over the viral clip, which showed the tattoo shop owner hitting his dog with a folding chair multiple times.

According to Emmanuel, he was just “breaking up a fight” between his dogs, until someone chased after him.

“I know the footage everyone has seen, it looks crazy,” he told outlets. “Even I look at it, it looks crazy. But it’s a moment in time I wish I could take it back. I come home, my dogs attacking each other. And I don’t mean normal, just play fight. I mean they were looking for each other’s necks, basically trying to kill each other.” some.”

He continued, “The dogs separated. Now, one of the dogs attacked me. What I did was open the garage door and try to loosen it up. But I was nervous. At no time did I try to offend this dog. All I was trying to do was put it back in its crate.”

Emmanuel went on to state he was “prepared,” as the leaked footage came from his Ring camera.

“I don’t know how the footage was leaked,” he said. “I know that was out of my Ring camera… I’m going to keep it with you. I feel like I’m somehow set up because the way I’m portrayed, that’s not who I am.”

Earlier this week, Emmanuel, who has starred in the feature-length reality series since its 2013 premiere, was disqualified by VH1.

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We have made the decision to cut ties with Caesar Emmanuel from Black Ink Crow New York,” Official spokesperson for the series Tell Limit. Since next season was about to end production, this decision will not affect the next season.”

See Emmanuel’s full explanation above.