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Bob Parker and Betty White and their fight over Billy the Elephant

Bob Parker and Betty White and their fight over Billy the Elephant

Bob Barker and Betty White have been staples of American TV for decades, united in their support of animal welfare issues but divided over what they thought was best for an elephant named Billy.

The tension between them, over the planned renovation of the elephant exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo, has become the stuff of celebrity and gossip outlets. Parker, who died on Saturday, had opposed the renovation and wanted the zoo’s only remaining elephant, Billy, to be moved to a safe haven at the time. White, who was heavily involved with the zoo, supported the renovation.

in January 2009Parker, Cher, and Lily Tomlin spoke at a Los Angeles City Council meeting to oppose Parker’s renovation She offered to pay $1.5 million To transfer Billy.

Parker has exhibited for years, And in 2006 He said the elephants there “lived in misery”.

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, the zoo’s nonprofit partner, responded that the zoo was the elephant’s home and that it would give Billy and the other elephants “a level of personal care and sophisticated veterinary services that they simply cannot provide.” “Go elsewhere,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

White had more than one Five decades relationship with the zoo and was a trustee of the Zoo Society at the time of her death in December 2021. She told The New York Times in 2011 that the zoo was her home away from home and she could visit outside of normal visiting hours.

I spoke in support renewal At a city council meeting, they sided with the project In a 2012 interview With Zoo View Magazine.

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“Looks like it’s never going to happen,” she said, “and I’m about to shut down, that much, and I think I haven’t slept for a whole week.” “But sure enough, with perseverance, we got it done, and it’s beautiful on both sides of the box. It’s great for the elephants, and it’s great for the people.”

Parker & White representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Sunday.

The dispute led to a rumor of a feud between the two published in 2009 in The National Enquirer, which quoted anonymous sources as saying that Parker had threatened not to attend the Game Show Awards if White attended. Neither Parker nor White appear to have addressed these rumors publicly.

Parker Did not attend 2009 Awards Ceremony, where he was honored for his work in The Price Is Right.

white, which He won the Most Valuable Player award For “Million Dollar Password”, she only appeared on the show in a video tribute to Mark Goodson, who has produced shows including “The Price Is Right”, “Family Feud” and “Match Game”.

Four years later, White tried to make amends, she told the National Enquirerciting an anonymous source again.