June 17, 2024


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Boris Johnson, English Brexiter above all

செய்து Brexit done and finished! ⁇ He had promised Brexit And, in the view of the English, he did. Its slogan in the form of a political program, Boris Johnson It struck at every stage of the 2019 general election campaign. More than half of those polled in the UK on May 23, 2016, 51.89% of them, had the option of carrying a slogan.

A tough bet is fraught with dangers

Boris Johnson was finally elected on the promise of leaving Europe UK Will be better and will regain its past magnificence. He reaped the rewards, became Prime Minister by gaining an absolute majority in the House of Commons, and then confirmed his hands during the May 6, 2021 municipal election: his party won in the north and central regions of England. Traditionally the labor “red wall”.

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The hero of the Brexiters took a tough race because the road was set by obstacles: complex and endless negotiations between London and Brussels, often on the brink of collapse.In his view, and in the eyes of the British, Boris Johnson won “, Agnes Alexandre-Collier, professor of British civilization at Bourgogne-Franche-Comté University, confirms. He imposed the idea that everything should be built now. EU – Northern Irish protocol, like to conclude an agreement with other countries outside the European sphere, despite having to settle disputes with fisheries.

How to explain this success? Directed by Boris Johnson British pragmatism ”, Agnès Alexandre-Collier responds. “Important are results and daily performance, She explains. When he was already a journalist, he was a strong man, a little older, a kind of British right-winger who was contrary to political correctness and willing to compromise. “ Especially when it comes to its commitments to Brussels, which was triggered by the Brexit agreement. The film operates in this era of King populism marked by distrust of politicians.

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His Brexit Concerns

Superficial success ”, tempers Climence Fourton, Lecturer in English at Sciences Po Lille, Because it is based on the scene, the slogan. However, Boris Johnson will be able to continue his pace until the government fulfills its economic and social promises, especially for voters in the backward areas of the north of England.

However, the current Prime Minister is not a “super pojo” for all Britons. “The policy of the Conservative Party largely demonstrates an‘ Anglocentric ’view, Agnes recognizes Alexandre-Collier, And did not take into account its effects in the suburbs of the UK. “ His Brexit brings to the fore potential explosive problems for the unity of the kingdom, such as the border between England and Northern Ireland or Scots’ aspirations for independence. The two British countries that voted in 2016 to stay in the European Union.

Analysis. England was shaken by strong winds

“The Conservative Party, which was supposed to be a union party, has shrunk and returned to the UK. From Northern Ireland or Scotland, Boris Johnson does not seem to care.», Clemens notices Forden emphasizing seriousness “Polarization England from Brexit. In fact, cracks will already appear. Last week, the Conservative Party lost a seat to the Liberal Democrats in Sesham, one of its strongholds in northwest London. However, Sesham voted to stay in the EU in 2016. A simple warning to the Prime Minister?