May 30, 2024


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Boris Johnson’s departure: “The British are fed up”

Boris Johnson’s departure: “The British are fed up”

Philip Kelly. Le Figaro.

Editorial PicaroBy Philip Kelly.

Boris Johnson, who came to Downing Street three years ago, presented himself as a new Churchill: he would restore independence from the United Kingdom, break free from the chains of the European Union and sail a ‘global Britain’ on the five oceans under full sail. Pushed out for the past few days, he’s been walking around like a Roman emperor daring his assassins to smear his hands with his blood. Finally, in a spectacular defeat and in full confidence, he announced his exit this Thursday. “Incredible Order” Received from the people, as if he had won… or as if he had not had the last word.

Abandoned by his ministers and his party, the Conservative leader is paying for the crises and scandals that have distracted him from his first successes – delivering on his Brexit promise, followed by the Tories’ best electoral score since Margaret Thatcher, particularly in northern Labor strongholds. All of these no longer weigh heavily on the scale…

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