May 18, 2024


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Bosroumois: For school students, English is part of everyday life

Bosroumois: For school students, English is part of everyday life

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Greeting each other, writing dates, counting, doing games or arts, playing board games… so many thingsRene Bellanger School Bozrumois (Ure) did and still does with a difference: from the beginning of 2023-2024, It is in English.

English daily

The editorial board, in fact, adopted the plan.” Immersion in English from CP to CM2 ”, its purposeImprove the condition of students By making English a part of their daily lives, it is no longer an isolated lesson moment.

“We wanted to provide an ambitious training in English. The goal was to enable our 280 students Aim for international classes, and thus cannot be held back by the language barrier. It also means ensuring our children have the drive and ambitions they sometimes lack,” she explains Lawrence Boulanger, Principal of the Elementary School.

“Aspirational Practice of English”

On Thursday, April 11, 2024, he welcomed Christine Gaviny-Chevet, rector of Normandy. Drowning affects all students in the school, from the youngest to the oldest. This Thursday, middle school students from the Jean de la Fontaine Institute GRAND BURGTHEROLD attended to Conduct workshops in English Among school students.

“We decided to work together because it seemed interesting to us to give middle school and elementary school students the opportunity to meet cultural and linguistic exchanges. The goal is to talk, exchange and empower the students who are responsible for our classes, from production to animation in class,” explains the director.

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An exchange with college students

Immersion is about the students, but also the teaching team, from teachers to those supporting students with disabilities (AESH). Participate in English conversation workshops Once a week in their private time. “Hooray Elizabeth Dubet from English intervenes. We discuss, prepare board games, read albums, and take the opportunity to ask him when he doesn't know how to translate a class or school life instruction. »

The project is financed by the State through the Educational Innovation Fund, and municipal co-financing: €26,880 allocated by the CNR Education Commission (fifteen tablets, a podcast case, an interactive digital board, sound walls, clips recorders, microphones, headsets, documentary collections, posters and a board in English games) and €26,000 funded by the municipality (an English-speaking speaker, an interactive digital board in each class, trips to the college).

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According to the director, the aim of the students is ” Enjoy practicing English more and more naturally. When we speak to them in English, they listen more, which is not important.