April 23, 2024


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Brest – Brest – English students perform at the Turbulence Festival at the Maison du Théâtre in Lampechelque

Brest – Brest – English students perform at the Turbulence Festival at the Maison du Théâtre in Lampechelque

In 2022, the Turbulence Festival, the first theater gathering of young people in Brest, was built with teachers, the Conservatory of the Brest Metropolis and the Youth Service of the City of Brest. Its second edition took place from Wednesday March 29 to Saturday April 1, 2023 at the Maison du Théâtre de Lambézellec. With this festival aimed at 15-25 year olds, Maison du Théâtre offers young practitioners, whether they are still discovering or passionate about theatre, a meeting place and a platform where their voices can be heard. An opportunity for these young amateur actors to present their works.

60th Anniversary of the Brest Plymouth Double

240 youth participated in the second edition of Turbulences. During the performances on Saturday, April 1, 540 visitors were counted. Among the young amateur actors were four students (one boy and three girls) from the University of Plymouth, on a license in drama (BA Drama), who arrived 24 hours late on Saturday morning because of the postponement, the day before, of their ferry departure due to a storm. The young people were accompanied by Melaine Le Bars, a former member of the Maison du Théâtre, who had worked as a technician at Plymouth University for ten years. The trip was made possible by the Brest-Plymouth (ABJ) Twinning Association as part of the 60th anniversary of the link between the two cities.

City financial assistance

“The idea was to welcome young people from Plymouth to Brest who are in the theatre. We, the twins, provide accommodation and logistics costs with the financial support of the city of Brest. All things theatrical and professional are the responsibility of the Maison du Théâtre,” declared Annie Tarsiguel, ABJ’s dynamic president. The performance of Her Majesty’s subjects, like the others, was greatly appreciated by the large audience.

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