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British MP David Ames stabbed to death: The attack was premeditated

7:02 pm, October 16, 2021

Hours after Tory MP David Ames was stabbed to death in Lee-on-Sea (Essex), UK police finally called the killing an act of terrorism. “The first elements of the investigation revealed a possible motive associated with Islamic extremism,” a statement said overnight from Friday to Saturday. The suspect, who was arrested shortly after the incident, is said to be 25 years old and from Somalia. His family is said to have settled in the Ames constituency in the 1990s.

If he is not in the file, according to him, share Defender, The same data as an individual, recently followed a degradation scheme. The assassination has been preparing since the young man set aside time with David Ames, who was on duty at the Methodist church on Friday. He patiently waited for his turn before inflicting 17 punches. On Saturday, members of the Anti-Terrorism Squad raided two homes in the London area.

Tribute and discussion

Tributes were paid to David Ames across the UK. Many MPs praised the devotion and compassion of the 69-year-old father of five. As a sign of solidarity, Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer laid wreaths at the scene of the tragedy yesterday morning. Ames served on the Commons for nearly forty years. He was explained by his commitment to Brexit.

The assassination has re-ignited the debate over the safety of British MPs. In June 2016, Labor Joe Cox A week before the Brexit referendum, a right-wing militant was killed by multiple bullets and stab wounds.

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