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British poet and Peaky Blinders actor dies at 65 – Deadline

British poet and Peaky Blinders actor dies at 65 – Deadline

The famous British poet Benjamin Zephaniah died at the age of 65.

His death was confirmed through a post on his Instagram account, eight weeks after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The poet who was also an actor in a BBC drama Slim masksHe died this morning with his family by his side.

The post read: “It is with great sadness and regret that we announce the death of our beloved husband, son, and brother in the early hours of this morning, December 7, 2023.”

“Benjamin’s wife was by his side the whole time and was with him when he died. We shared it with the world and knew many would be shocked and saddened by this news. Benjamin was a true pioneer and innovator, he gave the world that.

Zephaniah was known for his radical, often deeply political poetry, his love of Jamaica, and his powerful, passionate vocal delivery. Born into poverty, he left school in Birmingham at the age of 13 unable to read or write, but used a typewriter to teach himself both skills. At this point, he was performing poetry live, and his unique style helped him become an influential voice in black politics and identity, meeting the likes of Nelson Mandela and The Wailers on the way. He was also known for refusing to receive an OBE during Tony Blair’s tenure as Prime Minister, famously saying: “No way, Mr Blair. No way, Madam Queen. I’m very anti-Empire.”

His television work included British shows such as project of law And The comic strip shows… in the 1990s, although in 2013 he landed his most famous role as Jeremiah “Jimmy” Jesus in the Steven Knight film. Slim masks. He appeared on the show throughout its nine-year run. He also appeared in Farangthe movie Sabine Prenczina starring Tim Roth.

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In May, we revealed his memoirs, Life and The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniahwas developed into a television program by Steve Coogan’s independent BBC-owned company, Baby Cow. Time wasters Creator Daniel Lawrence Taylor.

“With an amazing career, including a vast body of poetry, literature, music, television and radio, Benjamin leaves us a joyful and wonderful legacy. Thank you for the love you have shown, Professor Benjamin Zephaniah.”