February 23, 2024


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Brits are burning their energy bills against inflation

Brits are burning their energy bills against inflation


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Faced with rising inflation, some Englishmen made a radical choice: Stop paying energy bills. Almost 200,000 people want Citizens have already joined the effort when energy prices triple this winter.

Energy bills go up in smoke. A message Code but Witness the British outcry in the face of rising inflation. motion”whose pay” It aims to convince one million Britons not to pay their energy bills. If the movement is still a long way from this goal for the time being, 200,000 Britons, overwhelmed by inflation, have already joined the movement.It’s the only way to make them understand what we’re doing.” Supports a man who is determined not to pay anymore.

So this initiative has many followers But England Others are more reluctant to these resistance mechanisms. I think there are other ways to win the case, where we make the consumer the criminal.”An Englishman mentions. And for good reason, don’t pay His Energy bills Fraudsters can be brought to court, complicating future purchases or rentals. According to one poll, more than half of Britons believe it First of all The minister should resign.

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