July 14, 2024


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Burt's Bees, Hidden Valley Ranch lip balms sell out within hours

Burt's Bees, Hidden Valley Ranch lip balms sell out within hours


They're falling for it!

Worlds collided this week when Burt's Bees and Hidden Valley Ranch teamed up to launch a delicious line of lip balms — that taste like a basket of buffalo wings.

What started as a social media joke on April Fools' Day in 2022 became a reality on Wednesday with the drop of four-packs of limited-edition “Ranch Dippers” lip balm in crunchy celery, fresh carrot, buffalo sauce and ranch flavors.

“This is a winged balm-shaped basket for game day only,” Hidden Valley posted on Instagram, announcing the $11.99 set that is “not for consumption.” clearly.”

The delicious balms, which can be layered “to get the best flavor combinations,” sold out within hours — and sellers are already selling the set online for $250.

Those who stumbled into their group were all smiling.

The unexpected collaboration between Burt's Bees and Hidden Valley Ranch has garnered mixed reviews with some dismaying at the idea and others begging for a second release from the special edition collection. Hidden.valley, burtsbees/Instagram

“I ordered a set — and I'm here for it,” one lucky buyer wrote on Instagram.

“I assumed ‘enthusiastic cooperation’ meant citrus – I never expected that to happen!!” said another.

“I ordered two – one for myself, and one to prank my mom after she expressed her displeasure about having this!”

Those who missed it are already begging for the second edition.

“Please, I beg you to put this back into effect!” One of the grandparents pleaded.

“It would be a great Christmas/Christmas gift for my grandchildren, who use lip balm, love Hidden Valley Ranch, love Burt's, and expect unusual flavored lip balms from Grandma and Grandpa for every special occasion.”

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Another wrote: “I love these little ranch sticks, good flavor and good consistency, but they were smaller than expected, each stick probably lasts for 2-3 bites and is gone.”

A collection of Burt's Bees x Hidden Valley Ranch lip balms with wings and a ranch in the background.
The collaboration between Burt's Bees and Hidden Valley Ranch started as a social media joke in 2022, but it came to fruition this week. Hidden.valley, burtsbees/Instagram

This unique collaboration comes ahead of Super Bowl LVIII on February 11; The game is the biggest chicken wing consumption day of the year.

Maria Eckhardt, general manager of Burt's Bees, said “fans responded very enthusiastically” to the event. Social sharing for April Fools' Day Featuring Hidden Valley Ranch lip balm the honchos decided to make the gag real.

In March, Hidden Valley teamed up with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream for a shock chutney-flavored treat, and in 2021 it linked up with another controversial item — Crocs — for clogs that now resell online for more than $300.

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