June 18, 2024


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CAN 2021: CAN play with former England international Sierra Leone

Cassiantep center-back Steven Calker, a dual Anglo-Sierra Leonean citizen, was eventually selected to play for the Lyon Stars. However he wore the colors of England.

This is a big step forward for the Sierra Leone Football Federation. In the comments reported by BBC Game Africa, Chairman of the Sierra Leone football governing body, said the player was now qualified to defend their national colors. “I can confirm that FIFA is coming Steven Calger must be recognized to represent Sierra Leone, Announce Daddy Prima.

A great “rookie” for Sierra Leone coach John Geister, one can only hope that an experienced player will perform better at CAN 2021 than the return of the Leon Stars after 25 years. Born in Feltham in 1991 and trained in Tottenham, Steven CalkEr had only one choice with England in the defeat against Sweden (2-4) in November 2012.

The former defender of Cardiff City, Bristol City, Queens Park Rangers, Southampton or Liverpool, has now scored his first and last goal for England with Senegal international Bobby Djilopotzi. With Cassiantep, Steven Calger He has played in 13 games this season and scored two league goals.

This is a defensive option for Sierra Leone, which will share its team with Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and C டிte d’Ivoire in CAN 2021.


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