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Can my boss stop me from going skiing on vacation?

Can my boss stop me from going skiing on vacation?


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I can't stand the thought of going back to work after vacation, but I've been told that this is a bad time to look for a new job because so many other people feel this way. Is this correct? Should I wait?

Oh, come on now. What happened to the new year, your newfound positivity, leaving the past behind you and looking forward to new and exciting possibilities? Oh, I forgot – that's only in Hallmark holiday movies.

In fact, some people can't wait to get back to work after all the stress associated with the holidays. As for when to look for a job, just as you cannot time the stock market, you cannot predict the job market.

The best time to search is when you are ready, with the right mindset, skills, experience, focus, strategy and support to start your search.

You never know when the right opportunity will present itself. But the wrong time is when you feel frustrated or negative, because that will show and affect your research

I work in tax accounting and was planning to go skiing in January, but my boss said that since we are heading into our busiest season, I can't go because he's afraid I'll get hurt and get out of commission. I don't think the way I spend my vacation time is his concern. Am i right?

Why? Because you can't count numbers with your leg on a block? Do you feel like you can't manage templates as well as spreadsheets? I have more fun conversations about activities that might impact an accountant's ability to do their job, but this is the holiday season, and I just want to spread joy.

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Professional athletes have restrictions that specifically prevent them from participating in certain activities that could pose a risk to their health and affect their ability to do their job, but the short answer is no, your boss can't dictate how you spend your vacation. However, they can decide when to take leave, and this is probably the biggest concern if the time you want to take is during stressful times for the company.

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