June 18, 2024


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Canada beats the United States, 3-2, to win gold in women's hockey

Canada beats the United States, 3-2, to win gold in women’s hockey

Throughout the Beijing Olympics, the unrestrained bravado of the Canadian women’s hockey team was clear for all to see — and elicit admiration, anger, and fear.

There were insults to the teams going to play for the bronze medal, sharp pitting of competitors, and careful criticism of the failed strategies of challenging Anne-René Despenses.And The goalkeeper who made the Canadian bend a fortress.

The Canadians on Thursday proved that it all made sense: They beat the United States in the gold-medal bout, 3-2, and reclaimed the Olympic crown the Americans staggeringly won four years ago.

It was a heavily armed show from Canada, mixed with a few doses of luck and a furious grumpy dash that started with an Olympic loss in 2018 and then swelled by four years.

The result was roughly £1, and Canadians tended to be predictive. For them, the gold medal was not so much about clearance as about meeting a non-stop high standard.

Canada seemed to score about seven minutes into the match when US goalkeeper Alex Cavallini saved a puck’s ball and Natalie Spooner saw a powerful shot that crossed the goal line. However, the US claimed Canada was an intruder – an assessment that officials upheld after a challenge by the Americans.

It was a break that kept the match scoreless for just 35 seconds, when Canada won the showdown, Sarah Norse smashed a pass from Claire Thompson, twisted and scored, and the puck took the ball into the right side of the net.

Canada added their second goal later in the period, when Canada captain Marie-Philippe Pauline who was playing in her fourth games and all without being met at that moment by the Americans, skated near the edge of the end of the goal on the US bench. He made a shot that increased lift and speed and then vaulted into the net. Canada led 2-0 at the break.

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Pauline fueled mounting American desperation midway through the second half, when she scored after another shot hit Cavallini.

Hilary Knight scored a short-range goal for the United States late in the second game, when she grabbed a skewed puck and slammed it into the net, promising the Americans would at least avoid insulting the goalless performance when the gold medal was in their favour. Taking.

Although the United States added a powerful goal in about 13 seconds to play in the third, none of the score would prove anywhere enough.