June 19, 2024


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Castelsarrasin. Philip Speakman, Englishman in love with the canal

“I have been sailing for 12 years. I have loved the south of France. I love this country and the people are so warm,” begins Philippe Speakman, an English boatman who lives in the harbor of Castellsarras. The 79-year-old from Chechnya in England lost everything to cross France and went aboard his Lost in France.

“Twelve years ago, shortly before I retired, I had a heart attack due to stress. I decided to sell my house and build a boat in France, ”said the former director of Yale University in Wales.

He lives in his boat

After mastering navigation tests and completing the construction of his boat, Philip crosses France. “I immediately headed south, where the weather is nice. Some people are very surprised when I say I’ve been on the boat for several months of the year. It’s a lot of work but I like m. Unfortunately with age, it gets more and more complicated,” says Philip.

He explains: “I strongly advise those who want to live like me to think carefully. I agree that this is a radical life change collaboration work.”

He travels alone

Philip has been traveling alone on the Canal to Midi and the Coron since his age. Between the stops at Moisak, Montek and Castelsarcin, Britain is well aware of the Torn-et-Coronas habit. He adds: “I’ve stayed in the area for a few years, and I feel good there. I’m made good friends, and thanks to my boat, I can leave a place when I’m bored. No and some shops are often closed, which is very unusual for a French city. ” Philip spends several months on his boat before heading out for the winter, which he spends at his home in northern Spain. Despite these years full of travel, the Englishman could not stay home for the holidays. Unfortunately, for two years the owner of “Lost in France” could not find his country. “I’m lost England. I’m going to see my two sons at Christmas or go there,” concludes the 79-year-old.

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