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Certificate in English cannot be requested by a foreign company to obtain these diplomas

Certificate in English cannot be requested by a foreign company to obtain these diplomas

Many associations of linguists, BTS, DUT, have challenged the license for students to present themselves for a certificate in English issued by a specialized institution in order to obtain their diploma. According to the Education Code, national diplomas depend solely on the results of students’ knowledge and skills control by state-recognized institutions of higher learning. Therefore, the State Council has ruled that imposing the requirement to award national diplomas of BTS, DUT and bachelor’s degrees in English from a recognized institution is ‘contrary to the Code of Education’. It therefore rescinds the order of April 3, 2020 and most of the order of the same day.

In April 2020, the government decided that students preparing for the Higher Technical Certificate (BTS), Bachelor’s Degree or University Diploma (DUT) would need to be certified in English by an internationally and community-recognized external body. Economic World (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.)1. Many linguistic associations have challenged this certification requirement, arguing that it is contrary to the rules for awarding national diplomas as defined by the Education Code.

Education code2 Only government-recognized higher education institutions can award national degrees to students pursuing a degree or university degree. It also states that the awarding of such diplomas (other than verification of experience gained) should depend solely on the results of the assessment of the knowledge and skills of candidates by higher education institutions accredited by the Ministry for this purpose. Responsible for higher education.

In the Order and Order of April 3, 2020, BTS, DUT and Licensing Diplomas can only be awarded if the candidate submits a certificate in English regardless of his or her results, and this certification is not recognized by the government, unlike the latter, which is an institution outside the higher education institutions that award these diplomas.

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The State Council decides that these two texts are inconsistent with the Code of Education (paragraph 2 of Art. L. 613-1), which does not allow the awarding of national diplomas and must be compelled to attend certification in English from such institutions. .

For these reasons, the State Council rescinds the decree of April 3, 2020 and most of the decree of the same day.3.

Result No. on June 7, 2022. 441056, 441903, 447981

Read the result n ° 441056-0441903-447981

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1Order (BTS) and Stopped (Bachelor of Arts, DUT) April 3, 2020
2 Article L.613-1 Education code
3 As far as professional licensing is concerned it leaves the order because the obligation to submit the certificate in English arose from another text prior to the order of April 3, 2020, which was not challenged when it was taken.