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Certificate in English: What level is required to study abroad?

Certificate in English: What level is required to study abroad?


Check required English level at reception training and certificate of attestation before departure. © Adobe Stock/Andrii Symonenko


Caroline SellePublished on April 27, 2023

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To study abroad, a good or very good level of English is recommended. Certificates like TOIEC or IELTS check your language ability. You still need to choose the one that best suits your project and your goals. A brief overview.

Spending a year in Hungary with an Erasmus+ program, pursuing a double degree in Canada or a master’s degree at an American university, English will be essential for you.

Of course, you always have timeImprove your language skills When you are staying abroad, however, preparation is essential. European and international companies often have specific requirements. Check the English level and certification required to certify this Before leaving.

TOELF, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge: What are the differences?

Most of the time, universities and schools abroad will ask you Attach English certificate to your application file. TOEFL, TOIEC or IELTS… There are various diplomas available and widely recognized internationally.

In American trials, the TOEFL The most recommended English exam in higher education, meanwhile TOIEC Overlooked in the workplace. However, some universities may recognize this certificate. IELTS and exams Cambridge (B2 First, C1 Advanced etc.) Certificates issued by British institutions.

University or country specific English tests

“Required certificate can be completed Depends on the destination country, explains Yvan Floret, Cambridge Reference to Higher Education. countries Commonwealth (Former Commonwealth of British Colonies) like Canada or Australia prefer Cambridge exams. But do America, some universities prefer TOEFL, US Diploma. It is a must in any country Find out about the university of your choiceBecause everyone needs a specific test.”

The score obtained on these assessments determines your level of English. For Erasmus+ stays, it is often recommendedHave level B2 Cambridge English, which means the ability to communicate easily and understand the gist of complex text.

Objective: To be fluent in English

however, Excluding Erasmus+Most English study programs Level C1 required. “This is a level of English suitable for an academic environment, underlines Yvan Floret. It means that one can write essays in English and express themselves fluently. Most universities abroad ask for a C1 advanced certificate issued by Cambridge or its TOEFL equivalent.

Many prestigious English-speaking universities, or international engineering and business schools, require level C1.

Practice for tests and revise your English as much as possible

You can, for example, get precious sesame seeds Take additional courses in high school or higher education. “The University of Strasbourg has established a partnership with an organization of the British Council Prepare for English Exams, explains Sékolein Pitois, responsible for international mobility at Unistra. We have a language certification unit that monitors students and Organize exams At the time of applications for overseas i.e. one year before departure. ”

So study abroad Prepare your departure plan in advance And practice English tests in advance. Other methods of preparation like private lessons A language school, allow practice for these different tests. “That’s important Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, advises Yvan Floret. Just like the driver’s license, you should familiarize yourself with the test types as each competition has its own expectations.

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