June 18, 2024


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Chatto du Dux to beat the English audience


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J. Rodenack, D. Gomez, E. Hebert – France3

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Château du Doux, located in Altillac (Corrèze), has a strong reputation in English-speaking countries for appearing on a reality show. A godsend to its owners, they use the opportunity to renovate their building.

It is one of the jewels of the Dartagne Valley. Since the beginning of the 19th century, Chatto du Dooks has been located in Altilloc (Cross), Is now popular in the UK. This is thanks to a reality show attended by young families who are the owners of the castle. “This is the most popular show in the UK. Everyone wants to have a castle and live in France, but not everyone is afraid to do so. This is really a great showAbi Young, daughter of the owners, explains.

The production of a project in their castle allows them to broadcast in many English-speaking countries and allow them to attract customers, especially for weddings, that take place in their field. An efficient way to finance renovation work. “While we are on TV, even if it is again, there will be a lot of comments and requests for information about weddingsClive Young, owner of Chatto to Dooks, comments: “Every two months, once every two days, the site is invaded by production crews.