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Chelsea – West Ham: English Premier League – live! | Premier League

51 minutes: Mason Mountain is below while Seb Coe is sitting in the stands. Bruce Buck also appears as Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaya. The attention is all off the field at the moment, not on him.

49 minutes: More brogue, more ’80s brogue revival, from Ian Sargent, who claims to not like brogue but knows a lot about the noble movement. On the subject of brog rock, Uther Pendragon is 6-1 to 315 in Bath. It will carry £2 of mine which is what I spend my whole life rocking.”

48 minutes: be Chelsea play better? Not yet, at all. There is not much movement there.

46 minutes: Anyway, with the show at Stamford Bridge. Let’s hope for the best. Thomas Tuchel talks a lot on the sidelines. Looks like he wants to warm up his sub.

So, does Amen corner a prog? “No. Although Weaver has joined Strobes as a replacement for Rick Wakeman.” That’s the judgment of Joe Pearson (Brugge nerd since 1971) in Indianapolis. My mom has a Strawbs album. I never achieved.

Bad news for Southampton, and former Chelsea player. It’s Brighton 2-0 Southampton.

It’s Burnley 0-0 Wolves. All eyes are on Everton led by Frank Lampard.

Jeremy Boyce in contact: “Neither team seems to really know what to do with this match: stick? Misrepresent? Don’t bankrupt either of them. Anyway, here’s Prog’s message to both fan groups during their dilemmas.”

Question: Is Corner Amen really a prog?

Ian Sargent: “Maybe some extra players and a 90125 formation?” Maybe Anderson, Broford, Walkman, and Howe?

First Half: Chelsea 0-0 West Ham

The half ends with Marcos Alonso taking the ball out of play for no particular reason, which is the symbol of the game as a whole. This was one of the strangest games of the season. West Ham reserves hold it at Mary Celeste which is in the middle of the Stamford Bridge penalty. Chelsea They were poor, offering so little to the game without much excitement that the plot lies off the field. Thomas Tuchel’s prolific remarks will be broadcast. The question is: will his players respond?

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45 + 3 minutes: Premier League score update: Southampton are now two goals away from Brighton, after Salisu’s own goal.

43 minutes: There’s a game going on but it’s really not very good. It’s pretty weird, though, weird in itself (no prog, more magic).

41 minutes: John Beller (!) joins the brogue party: “So in a roundabout way I gather Moyes is worried his team is fragile?”

The game was a scenario for a clown’s tears, anyone who thinks Chelsea He could challenge the top two in this past-lived performance.

39 minutes: Graeme Jamieson continues: “Do you have a theory as to why Paige Tam continues to smack in the opposite direction? Is it his competitive guts, unfortunate coincidence, poor timing, or poor balance? I can’t imagine Ms. Soucek being so fascinated by the FA.”

Players who drop much more. I would like to add Kieran Trippier to the list. It appears permanently on the back.

37 minutes: A good defensive header from Chalouba stopped Benrahma for a cross from Yarmolenko.

35 minutes: Antonio Rudiger pictured at the catwalk. There is a player he will miss, and he did well in the Champions League final last year.

33 minutes: The game was so bad that Gary Neville had a long monologue about Romelu Lukaku. Meanwhile, Yarmolenko takes a long shot while it might be best to leave it to the Fornals.

31 minutes: Chelsea building a steam head? Not really, West Ham are back and organized by the numbers. Thomas Tuchel approaching the edge? Yeah.

29 min: From Joe Pearson: “Scott Murray beat Brian Eno during the Arsenal-United MBM match yesterday. What is Jon Bruen of Bruges going to drop on us today? “Maybe I should have mentioned Larks’ tongues in Aspic when talking about something sloppy.

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27 min: John Potter continues: “Not sure about your comment on the table and the top 4 for Chelsea Unsafe looks stand up to scrutiny. They have matches on hand on everyone around them and they’re still in the box bench I say.”

Watching this show so far, I wouldn’t be so sure.

26 minutes: This is very strange about Chelsea. The mountain rushes wide, and no one seems to care. Apart from Thomas Tuchel who wears his face.

23 minutes: Alonso’s cross was shown, Dawson illustrated. Yarmolenko and Fornals link up and Kante must turn back to quell the danger. Chelsea Keep dirty from the can of condensed milk.

21 minutes: Fortunately, Soucek looks fine, which is a relief to David Moyes, who is getting injured while watching this match. Every intervention should make him wince.

19 minutes: A bad head-to-head clash between Thiago Silva and Tomas Sucic, with the West Ham player coming out even worse.

17 minutes: Declan Rice warms up, getting applause from fans far away. Ben Rahma runs away after Azpilicueta, his shoes may have been holding him back, but he shoots Mendy. Shaloba then loses the ball to Fornals. very dirty of Chelsea.

15 minutes: Thomas T writes notes and doesn’t seem to be happy. Then Werner finds space on the left, and hits the ball to the back post which Havertz cannot reach. Did Romelu Lukaku do better though. The answer, unfortunately, is probably no. This was a really bad move for everyone, right?

13 minutes: In the dugout, Declan Rice sat behind David Moyes and the hope is that the West Ham captain will not have to play a second of this match.

11 minutes: Azpilicueta is forced to leave the field as his boots split in half as he grieves for the Alcman man as he searches for a spare pair.

Chelsea player Cesar Azpilicueta takes off his shoes to change them.
Chelsea player Cesar Azpilicueta takes off his shoes to change them. Photography: James Griffiths/West Ham United/Rex/Shutterstock

10 minutes: Yarmolenko shows some impressive power on the ball in midfield, and is making his debut Premier League Starts at 16 months.

8 minutes: Maswako took a hit, West Ham can really afford another although the full-back is OK to continue. Meanwhile, Ruben cuts through Loftus-Cheek from the right and shoots with his left hand.

6 minutes: As for this game, it was a bit futile, like the end of the season or something.

5 minutes: news from BrightonThe hosts lead Southampton 1-0 thanks to a goal from Danny Welbeck.

3 minutes: . early attack Chelsea, Kai Havertz makes a breakthrough before Jorginho’s pass is out of play. The empty seats are really obvious. The bridge is like a ghost ship.

1 minute: And we’re off to the London Derby on Sunday. On TV, Gary Neville said the pitch is original, so there’s Clive Walker’s talk.

The teams are off the bridge, with those kind of scary empty seatsAnd perhaps the specter of the clay court that Claudio Ranieri used to complain about, and before that Claudio Walker and Peter Rhodes Brown were shining. The empty seats under the podium are reminiscent of the mid-’90s Chelsea So expect to see Paul Furlong, Mark Stein and John Spencer making their rounds.

Looking at this table, the top four are probably not safe Chelsea.

“We felt it was the right thing to do today,” David Moyes, who said last week’s Burnley result – a draw – made him up for all of those selection changes.

Breaking news: latest Chelsea they changeAndreas Christensen also felt ill while warming up, so Trey Schalopah comes in. Thomas Tuchel says Ruben Loftus-Cheek will play at right-back.

Jeff Harris in contact: “How about mentioning Banbury United. South Central League Champions. One home defeat and one away defeat all season. 102 points during the season >>

Yeah, what about them, Jeff?

FT | Full time here as Banbury finished the season with a win and a whopping 102 points! What a season and what an end! Banbury seemed to be in control the whole time but Tweet embed They fought well to get themselves back with a goal but Banbury didn’t stop until the end!!

– Banbury United FC (BanburyUnitedFC) April 23, 2022

Thomas Tuchel spoke this week about his team’s decline.

Maybe… then it comes back to me because I have to push them and make them vigil.” “It’s normal to be tired, and a human being is more vigilant in a knockout match than in a normal match. Sometimes it’s also nice to be able to play 60 games.

I remember in Mainz one game a week and every game was like a cup final. On Saturday we gave 150% physically but also mentally, and the players were drained until Tuesday. Once I became a coach at Borussia Dortmund, I saw that the players were doing their best physically in a normal match but mentally it wasn’t the same level of pressure as the Mainz players. They were able to play more games.

It’s a fine line in judgment – which is why lazy is wrong. But it’s good to feel less nervous in a normal Premier League match and a home match than if you went to the Bernabéu. It’s normal because it’s probably less tension, less excitement, and less stress. But it can’t lead to you being less vigilant. This could never happen.

Uncertainty is reflected in the club With the loss of his star defender, any player would like to make us one of them.

So, Frankfurt is on David Moyes’ mind with those six changes, with Declan Rice on the bench, as well as Jared Bowen and Michelle Antonio. what about Chelsea? Malang Sar and Romelu Lukaku were left out, no big surprise after Arsenal’s midweek defeat. Rhys James is not fit to play, Jorginho, Thiago Silva and Kai Havertz, who is not a bad trio come in to face the Hammers reserve.

the difference

Chelsea: Mendy, Azpilicueta, Silva, Christensen, Loftus-Cheek, Kante, Jorginho, Alonso, Mount, Werner, Havertz. Subs: Arrizabalaga, Lukaku, Pulisic, Chalobah, Saul Niguez, Barkley, Ziyech, Kenedy, Sarr.

West Ham: Fabiansky, Koval, Dawson, Criswell, Johnson, Suchek, Noble, Masuaku, Fornals, Benrahma, Yarmolenko. Subs: Areola, Antonio, Lanzini, Vlasic, Bowen, Fredericks, Krall, Rice, Alize.


These are uncertain times at Chelsea. There’s news overnight that Antonio Rudiger is leaving the club and Andreas Christensen will follow, and then there’s a mood around the venue. Thomas Tuchel was not happy on the field after Wednesday night’s loss to Arsenal, and empty seats and a lack of software reminded the club that the club was in a punishing slump. The club’s three remaining bidders are on hold, with story after story revealing that it wasn’t an easy process. What awaits Chelsea on the other side of that saga is much more mysterious except to say it won’t be like the Roman Abramovich era. So, are Chelsea ready to be on the verge of defeating the London derby? It sounds possible, but again, West Ham are focusing on Eintracht Frankfurt and the Europa League while they seem to be running out of players. So, who knows what happens? This is why there are files Premier League It is the best league in the world…

The match starts at 2 pm. Joined.