April 20, 2024


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Cherbourg-Octeville.  A “So British” day in Baquesne

Cherbourg-Octeville. A “So British” day in Baquesne

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The activity was carried out as part of the 9th edition of National Modern Language Week and Departmental English Week.

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“We have created 4 workshops for one day, all in English,” says Lou Allain, Hameau Baquesne International Division and Modern Language Resource Teacher at the Gibert-Zola Bilingual School. In the courtyard, young students were able to participate in a “playground game”; Then in the “Find Your Athlete” room, a question-and-answer game; Push the song into the “show time” workshop in Shakespeare's language learned in the previous weeks. Finally, after these trials, children were invited to order their snack menu again in English only. “These games and exercises allow children to learn the basics of modern language. From the start of primary school, they do about an hour and a half of learning,” emphasizes Lou Aline.

The day was divided into two parts: “In the morning, children participated in Cycle 2, and in the afternoon, Cycle 3 students were assigned”. Lou Allen was able to count on the help of two English-speaking students, Arshome and Gabriel, from California and Wales. “I would like to thank the parents of the students who are helping us today from workshop to workshop. A big thank you to all my colleagues at school who immediately got involved and supported the project from the start. In total, 170 children from 10 classes, but in smaller groups for the occasion, took part in this British day.

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From our correspondent Jean-Christophe BEAUCHE.

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