April 14, 2024


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Cherbourg-Octeville.  Twenty-nine visiting English correspondents

Cherbourg-Octeville. Twenty-nine visiting English correspondents

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It is one of the features of the historic twinning between Cherbourg and Poole. “Since last September, I have resumed dual studies between our college and Poole College; Such exchanges have existed for twenty years,” notes Coraline Dupost, an English teacher and leader of the movement.

Less academic language

On Wednesday evening, a small informal reception took place on the sea floor, in the presence of Valérie Isoird, Vice-Mayor in charge of Teaching and Twins, and Pascal Marie, Principal of the college.

After welcoming them, Valérie Isoird, on behalf of the city, said, “The young people who come to visit us should stay in the best possible way. This kind of exchange is essential for your future, because in addition to the linguistic side, it will allow you to open up to the world and discover the ability to adapt within yourself.

Pascal Marie joins him in his comments, he notes, “These exchanges will allow students from both countries to face less academic language, away from the grammatical formulas imposed by writing, thanks to oral exchanges: you have to. Learn to break codes, have the courage to express yourself and sentences even if they don't seem right to you. Create.

For her part, Coraline Dupost underlines, “From the beginning of the school year, the full involvement of the French students who worked enormously to prepare this twin birth. We must also thank the families who provide our English friends with very high quality reception conditions. Thanks also to the City of Cherbourg, which has been involved since the beginning of the project.

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During the week of their stay, the young English college students, accompanied by their French correspondents, will visit Ludiver, Cit de la Mer and Mont-Saint-Michel. Then, in June, Buckel-Charcot Middle School students will cross the canal and be welcomed into the pool.

From our correspondent Jean-Christophe BEAUCHE.

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