July 25, 2024


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CM Punk gives insight into why Adam’s page was called up on AEW Dynamite

CM Punk gives insight into why Adam’s page was called up on AEW Dynamite

a Final episode of “AEW Dynamite” Watch CM Punk call Adam’s page “Hangman” while the former World Heavyweight Champion was not present. Subsequent reports claimed that Punk started working for himself, while AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that there are some Behind the scenes tension between Punk and Page. Since then, Punk has taken up the promotion, claiming it was spontaneous.

I don’t write things [down ahead of time]; I’m just talking,” Punk said.Sports Illustrated. “This is one of the biggest things that professional wrestling misses. It’s letting people go out and talk if they know what they’re doing. It could be magic. Punk added that his primary focus as an AEW roster is “making people want to see what happens next,” no matter how they get there. I’m trying to sell tickets for live stream events.”

For a character as polarizing as Punk, social media can be a battleground for his fans, haters, and those indifferent. “Twitter is a bunch of people who don’t really care what you think,” he added. “They want to find like-minded people who share their worldview. I try to tell stories, sell tickets, and get people to tune in to dynamite.”

However, no matter what critics may say on social media, Punk is focused on it The stats behind his comeback For professional wrestling. He feels there is a “baseline to build” after a successful first year in AEW. “It makes the second year more exciting. Seeing all of the work metrics go up, that’s why I came here.”

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