May 21, 2024


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CO-MHR Final: English magician Zach Mercer essential in three attempts to win

CO-MHR Final: English magician Zach Mercer essential in three attempts to win

Man of the Match. Leaving like artillery shells, the Montpellier residents killed the match (29-10) in six minutes and three attempts (6th-12th) against the backdrop of an exceptionally active Zack Mercer against an exaggerated cast.

The final match of the kicking game, small circumference, minimal objectives between two strong opponents but without genius? Everything is a lie. Montpellier, a formation with no attacking density and waiting the last quarter hour to beat Timpani? Yet everything is wrong. Camara, Guirado and Paillaugue, by the way, the big, mentally fried fish, the epitome of a club that failed in two finals in 2011 and 2018? Everything is always wrong.

In Montpellier everything succeeded; Castes, he missed everything

It’s so simple, in the State de France on Friday, like a Zach Mercer, that he’s demolishing everything in his path and expressing the gestures of the best class. At the same time he hanged Castres in twelve minutes (29-10).

The wind of history decided to blow from Montpellier in favor of the patient, and for him everything was a success. In comparison, we do not recognize Castress, who missed everything he did. The reverse mirror of the 2018 final saw the inevitable CO humiliation (29-13) of an MHR next to his pumps. We call it changing his destiny with Mercer in the oven and factory. Contrary to the disgusting reputation it had four years ago, the MHR wiped out its monsters at once, giving the match a massive start, allowing it to sow three attempts at a foolish opponent.

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Complete palette in three trials

You should have seen all three of these arrows. What a package! First, he sent the kick sample to Arthur Vincent (6th); Second, his races on the axis resulted in the Verheike (10th) test; Finally, and thirdly – we saved the last best – before the witches Vincent and Anthony Boutier actually provoked their supporters, he sank into defense. A beautiful rugby, which surprised the whole of France.

For English No. 8, within a week the Bath side was fished by manager Philip Saint-Andre, the essentials were done, the title was in his pocket, and no harm was done. Because since then, the CO has refused to take the dots at the foot, and then there was no solution facing the wall of the Mediterranean.

No one knew him when he arrived last summer

Once again, Mercer and his boys showed excellent defense, especially in the second half (45th-55th). Tom Staniford, shown as an okra, did not progress in the end. Opposite, Mercer, he exploded the screen.

No one knew him when he arrived last summer. It represents a goal recruitment today that is far more modest but innumerable more efficient than the era of the star system and mercenaries that identified the long-suffering Montpellier. But the latter created his own revolution, with a group of children eager to break down the door of history and find their destiny. This morning, all eyes changed. MHR looks different. The mirror of success.