May 24, 2024


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Conde School opens two Masters in Paris 100% in English!

Conde School opens two Masters in Paris 100% in English!

By launching these new two-year programs, taught entirely in English, Conde School The use of this language meets both the needs of organizations and the needs of students to promote their professional integration in today’s essential fields.

Absolutely two masters in English!

The Masters in Art Direction in Graphic Design 100% in English Thanks to the advanced mastery of communication and digital tools (print graphics, web design, photography, video, sound, etc.), it aims to prepare students for the complete management of a communication campaign. Teaching UX experience design adds autonomy and psychology Improve the communication experience On the user side and UI (interface design) adapt accordingly.

The Masters in Fashion Art Direction and Brand Creation 100% in English Trains students to become fashion designers and stylists capable of directing the art line of a fashion house or creating their own brand. Understanding codes and trends, research on innovative products, skills in sourcing and production, but also brand strategy or visual communication: this training allows them Create an art line And one Coherent creative universes.

Orientation fairs are not to be missed!

We offer you an appointment at Studrama exhibitions dedicated to training in art, fashion, design, audiovisual, cinema and sound.
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. This is a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (designer, art director, cinematographer, costume designer, actor…) and ask your questions during the conference!

Completion of internship abroad or not

During the two years of this Masters, emphasis is placed on Comfortable And this Collaborative projects Develop teamwork and gain management skills. French-speaking students also have the opportunity to complete a 12-week international internship. In addition, the curriculum is enriched by an elective possibility Year or semester of teaching in EuropeIn one of the schools of the AD Academic Group, it gives them an opening towards other creative universes.

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These two forms Available at the Paris campus only Aimed at students with Bac + 3 or equivalent in Design, Fashion Design and Styling and B2 level in English from École de Condé. They lead to a release Level 7 RNCP title (pack+5 level).

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