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Coronation of “American Idol” 2023 during the finale of the stars (RECAP)

Coronation of “American Idol” 2023 during the finale of the stars (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains major spoilers for the American Idol finale.]

“The lights are dimmed. Here we are.” Host Ryan Seacrest built suspense with his trademark lyrics ahead of the reveal of American Idol season 21. This season saw a talented group of performers leading up to the third place made up of young hopefuls Iam Tongi, Colin Sough, and Megan Danielle They spent time in their hometown before the finale Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan complimented their progress in the autograph competition.

former Idol Judge Keith Urban returned to the show for the first time in seven years as guest mentor to the finalists, in addition to taking over the stage. Along with the country star and the judges, the line-up featured fun collaborations featuring alumni Clay Aiken, Robin Stoddard, Ellie Goulding, James Blunt, Jasmine Sullivan, Jelly Rule, Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon, Kylie Minogue, Lainey Wilson, Lauren Daigle, and Pitbull with Lil Jon and TLC. Returning faces from the Top 12 also got to win again at Idol Spotlight.

In the end, Tongi was announced as Idol winner. Yes! The 18-year-old Hawaiian’s playful personality and smooth vocals tug at heart strings straight from his viral test. He ended the show with falling confetti while singing Spawnbreezie’s “Don’t Let Go”. Read on below to see how the historic night unfolded and let us know in the comments below if voters got it right.


Top 12 with Pitbull


The Top 12 kicked off with Pitbull on “Give Me It All,” which got everyone jumping. Lil Jon opened the show with “Mr. Universal” along with “JUMPIN”.

Round 1 – Keith Urban Songbook

Megan Daniel


The 21-year-old opened up to Keith about her self-doubt and negativity. She chose “God Whispered Your Name” because it connected with the song’s message. That God is always reaching out and bringing people into your life to help you. Lionel found the crying in her voice moving. Katie said their mission was over because she had found herself. Luke said he never heard her miss a note or make a bad vocal decision. Called the inspirational servant of Georgia.

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Iam Tongan

Iam talked about how his late father would play Keith’s live album at home. This made the 18-year-old’s decision to perform “Make Memories of Us” even more perfect. Katie has been transferred. Luke said he was given a gift from God with the ability to tell a story. He has gone so far as to call it one of his favorite shows of the year. Lionel was also complimented on his storytelling.

Colin Staff


Colin grew up on Keith’s music, so he felt the pressure. The 18-year-old HVAC technician chose “Stupid Boy,” a deep-sounding vocal that was complemented by some solid guitar playing. Luke found it a pleasure to watch how he navigated through the competition. Lionel tells him to enjoy the trip and that they are proud of him. Katie loved hearing tenderness.

Round Two – Hometown Gifting

Megan Daniel


The girl in Douglasville, Georgia, visited the Landmark Market restaurant, where she worked as a waitress. She also stops by the grave of her grandfather, “Baw Baw” Chuck, and the track he used to race as a driver. Her song choice was “Journey’s Faithfully”. Lionel said Megan ended up with it American Idol It was God’s plan. It’s exactly where it’s supposed to be, Katie added. Lionel found the delivery at the end of the song particularly powerful.

Iam Tongan

The proud Hawaiian returned to the island and Kahoku for the grand celebration. Received an honorary diploma from Kahoku High School. Turtle Bay Resort came alive with 14,000 people attending his hometown Iam party, which also featured Jack Johnson. He kept the beach vibe going with “Cool Down” by Kolohe Kai. Katie said he brings culture to American Idol. Luke added that he’s getting into the territory of island music. Lionel is looking forward to seeing him take his natural talent and take it all over the world.

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Colin Staff


The teen took a private jet to Amory, Mississippi, and his roots. The first stop was at his home to see the family and ride the motorbike with his grandfather. He arrived at his former high school on a bus bearing his name. The icing on the cake was receiving a key to the city. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Ricky Medlock surprised Colin during his hometown concert before performing as “Simple Man”. The famous actor who loves his mother took on Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” during the live show. Luke loved seeing his growth. Lionel congratulated him on a great job. Katie said he showed that sweet spot.

Lucy Love with TLC


Great team to be with Idol Finalist and popular girl group. They honored us with a variety of songs leading up to “No Scrubs,” “Creep,” and “Waterfalls.”

Zacharias Smith with Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon


The legendary singer has joined forces with our favorite barbecue chef Idol Finalist for “Take It on the Run”.

Jelly Roll with Lenny Wilson and Oliver Steele


The hitmakers banded together for a country collaboration on “Save Me.” The genre jump then continued with “Need A Favor” alongside IdolOliver Steele.

Kylie Minogue with Alnutsa

Kylie got the crowd dancing with “Badam, Badam.” then idol “J.Lo of Georgia” Nutsa joined “Can’t Get Out of My Head”.

Lionel Richie with the Top 12


The Hall of Famer brought us back with “Sail On” by Commodores Idol children.

Keith Urban


The former judge and teacher continued the party with a performance of “Wild Hearts.”

Iam Tonji with James Blunt

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the Idol The favorite revisited his demo song “Monsters” with James Blunt himself. Jelly Roll and Katie were in puddles listening to this wonderful duet in honor of my late dad Iam. Who has some napkins?

Ellie Goulding with Tyson Venegas

Starting with her collaboration with Calvin Harris on “Miracle,” she then stepped out with Tyson Venegas for her fiery duet for “Burn.”

Lauren Daigle with Megan Danielle

Several Grammy winners sang “These Are the Days” before reuniting with Meghan for the song “Thank God I Do.” With Lauren walking out during the preliminary finalist audition, it was a complete moment.

Luke Bryan with Colin Staff


The country star gave fans a taste of his new single, “But I Got A Beer In My Hand.” Then Colin brings an old-school tune to Conway Twitty’s “Slow Hand.”

Jazmine Sullivan with Wee Annie

The R&B singer performed “Bust Your Windows” with her Top 5 finalists, who more than just shine. Wé Ani is a dang star.

Lenny Wilson with Marybeth Byrd and Warren Bye

Lainey returned to perform “Heart Like A Truck” alongside Idol Finalists Marybeth and Warren.

Katy Perry with Haven Madison

What a thrill for Teen Haven contender to perform her own song “I Still Need You” alongside Katie, who mingles on “By The Grace of God.” A great combination with a strong message.

Robin Stoddard and Clay Aiken with Iam Tonji and Megan Daniel

the past Idol The winner and runner-up return to the show to present “The Impossible Dream” from La Mancha man. A friendship that lasted 20 years. Having Megan and Eyam finally being the runner-up and winner was perfect.

Round 3 – Origins

Megan Daniel


Meghan came out rocking one last time with her original “Dream Girl.”

Iam Tongan

She made a strong final impression in his song “I’ll See You”.