May 19, 2024


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Correct Concept from DCG 2023 Business English

Correct Concept from DCG 2023 Business English

The subject of the DCG Business English Test (Diploma in Accounting and Management) for 2023 session consisted of 2 parts: Comprehension (a summary note) and Expression in English (Comment and writing of letter).

EU12 English for Business Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English at B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). The EU12 program is made up of economic and social themes and business-related themes without mentioning accounting in this language. Documents come from business life.

In the two-part test, the candidate must demonstrate sufficient language proficiency to write a brief in French based on English documents relating to business life, to understand and comment on business life documents in English, and to write basic business. Document in English (letter, quote, email, purchase order, etc.).

The test is made up of two distinct parts, which test comprehension and expression and assess these two skills or language functions, essential for today’s CPA or CPA profession. Contemporary Economic World.

Evidence: Report of the DCG 2023 Jury

To increase your chances of success in the DCG tests, the editorial team of Sup’Expertise, a chartered school of chartered accountants in the Paris region -de-France, brings you this explanation of revision DCG UE12 Business English by the teachers.

Authors of Expertise Provide a limited number of practical tips, details and comments to help you. These comments complete the revision itselfEspecially by placing the question in this context or by providing details about the answer method.

Find these tips and ideas by downloading the DCG UE12 Answer Commentary for Session 2023 below.

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