June 18, 2024


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Courteney Cox Talks Bad Face Action: ‘I Look Really Weird’

‘Friends’ legend Courteney Cox has gotten very candid about her past cosmetic procedures – and how she is now looking to turn 60 in the near future.

actress and Instagram influencer – Hey, she’s got 12 million followers, folks – She’s opened up about aging while promoting her new horror comedy TV series “Shining Vale,” co-starring Greg Kinnear and Rob Morrow and premiering March 6 at stars.

“I feel young. I have a lot of friends in their thirties and I don’t even think about it. For me, we’re the same age so I’m actually studying it,” perennial sitcom star, 57, In the Sunday Times Style magazine.

As a milestone birthday approached, TV legend Courteney Cox, 57, finished with fillers: “I didn’t realize it was, oh, I actually look really weird injecting and doing things to my face that I would never do now.”
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And when it came to turning the big 6-0 score, Cox exclaimed, “Oh my God, it’s so hard even to hear or say. I can’t believe it. There’s nothing wrong with being 60, I can’t believe it. Time goes by so fast. Doubt that I am more coherent, I have learned a lot in my life – what I should enjoy, what I should do more and what I should let go.”

Among her developing face over the years, one’s mother has made it clear that she is finally embracing her age.

“There was a time when you’d go, ‘Oh, I’m changing.’ I am looking for older people. And I tried to chase it [youthfulness] For years, the “Scream” actress continued. “And I didn’t realize that, oh, I actually look really weird with injecting and doing things to my face I would never have done now.”

Once she saw the audience talking about her looks, she said it was time when she realized she had to “stop. This is just crazy.” (cox previously revealed It has all of its fillers melted down to make it look more like itself).

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Cox also told the Sunday Times that being middle-aged is a bit strange, but she is amazed at how quickly time flies. She said, “I obviously can relate to being at that age where you’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t believe I’m here,'” and [asking] What makes you happy. I understand those middle-aged things perfectly.”


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When it came to turning 60, the “Scream” star said, “Oh my God, it’s so hard even to hear or say. I can’t believe it. There’s nothing wrong with being 60, I just can’t believe it.” Meanwhile, she is also expanding her career to Directing viral commercials And a recent music video for Grammy Award Winner Brandi Carlyle.

In the same interview, Cox looked back at her time on the popular NBC sitcom in the 1990s. And she remembered how her co-star and love interest Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) put in an enormous amount of “the pressureOn himself to laugh at ‘friends’.

“He struggled for a while,” Cox said. “I think he’s doing a great job now.”

Perry, 52, previously admitted he would “be afraid” if one of his lines went south and didn’t laugh at the audience. For this, Cox said, “That’s a lot to think about how much he relied on that for his self-esteem.”

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The actors of “Friends” pose together at the 2002 Emmy Awards – David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc.