March 3, 2024


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COVID cases in Beijing lead officials to suspend study and conduct mass testing

COVID cases in Beijing lead officials to suspend study and conduct mass testing

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China The capital, Beijing, is on alert after 10 middle school students tested positive Corona Virus.

City officials suspended classes at the school for a week on Friday after the first round of testing.

Shanghai pledges to improve food supply, ease virus restrictions

local media mentioned That in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, the city government also ordered the suspension of in-person activities after school.

Officials are conducting mass testing to look for more cases.

Four other cases were counted in Beijing separately.

On Saturday, mainland China reported 24,326 new cases, the majority in Shanghai.

Shanghai full closure And the strict “zero COVID” strategy has attracted global attention, although officials have recently taken steps easing restrictions for some residents.

Friday, the city Pledge To make “every effort” to solve the problems that led to complaints about insufficient food supplies.

Shanghai allows about 4 meters of houses according to easy coverage rules

Truck drivers have been hampered by multiple checkpoints and virus Tests, which leads to long waiting times.

under new systemDrivers are allowed to pass if they have had a negative virus test in the past 48 hours, no fever and are ‘green’ health An icon “on their smartphones shows that they have not been to the areas where the disease has broken out,” according to Wu Chungeng, director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation.

“All localities should immediately release them,” Wu said, according to reports.

Most offices and factories remain closed – even as 12.3 million people are allowed out of their homes.

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The authorities implement a three-tiered system that allows residents to leave their homes if there is no new area in their area infections last week.

They can leave the neighborhood after two weeks without a case.


Shanghai officials reported 12 new deaths on Saturday, all of them elderly people with underlying diseases.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.