February 24, 2024


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Covid: This new variant could cause a more serious illness, Brits warn

Covid: This new variant could cause a more serious illness, Brits warn

The new CH.1.1 variant may have a mutation called “P681R” that allows it to attack cells better and cause more severe disease.

When a part of the world is under constant threat varies XBB.1.5, A new variant could once again put the European continent on alert. Her Name: CH.1.1.

This is the first case A subvariant of Omicron First detected in Europe in November 2022. Two months after the UK was diagnosed, the number of cases has increased exponentially. 23.3% new cases Covid-19 detected in Great BritainAs reported 20 minutes.S. The first case of this new strain has been detected in the county of Leicestershire. Then he spreading Fast and amazing” UK

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CH.1.1 can cause very severe disease

This new variant A nickname Orthos” has already arrived in Spain, where five cases have been detected so far.. According to a recent report released by the Ministry of Health, CH.1.1 is in the Iberian country from the end of 2022.

According to recent research, this new variant A can be Mutation was invited “P681R” Let him Better to attack cells Can cause very serious illness. This mutation was already present in Delta variation. According to several studies carried out in the United Kingdom, in terms of its symptoms, they are similar to other currently dominant Omicron subtypes. ie from The fever of Muscle painsof headache And Severe fatigue.

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