February 26, 2024


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Cowboys failed messages on Mike McCarthy

Cowboys failed messages on Mike McCarthy

Maybe cowboys like drama. Or maybe they just messed this up.

Regardless, the bottom line for Dallas and coach Mike McCarthy is that it appears he will remain as head coach, regardless of what happened against the Packers. Even if the home team is floundering and unprepared for the coming cheese storm. Even if they were embarrassed in their own building, they gave up 48 points to the No. 7 seed in the conference. Even if the game is never close.

If so, why didn't owner Jerry Jones say so before the wild-card loss to Green Bay? Why didn't he shout out loud the impression he created when he said McCarthy would be evaluated based on how the playoffs went? All Jerry had to do was announce on 105.3 The Fan last week that McCarthy is the coach and will continue as coach, win, lose or beat the Packers.

The mixed signals created the impression that McCarthy would not return. By waiting three days to say otherwise, Jones left many Cowboys fans confused and upset that change had not happened.

Sometimes, I wonder if Jones is really tormented by the football team's annual failures, or if he just acts this way to keep fans fully engaged and willing to spend cash on tickets, expensive food, beer, and other things. Is it all just one big hoax, designed to make fans think he really wants to win another Super Bowl while depositing millions more in the bank, no matter what the team accomplishes?

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If that was the case, he would still blow it. He allowed it to be assumed that there would be a new coach. That McCarthy will not return.

Jones might have considered it. As mentioned during BFT LiveI would like to know how the deliberations went. What factors were taken into consideration? Did Jerry scout other available candidates? Was McCarthy asked to defend his retention?

Or does Jerry simply not want to pay McCarthy to not coach the team in 2024? Could it be that Jones is still planning (if indeed he is) making defensive coordinator Dan Quinn McCarthy's successor, and that Jones realized the change wasn't going to go over well after Quinn's defense gave up 48 points?

Regardless, a fire broke out to oust McCarthy after the loss to the Packers. Jones and the Cowboys could have easily prevented that. Instead, they lit a fire and let it burn for three days before surprising everyone by saying there was no fire at all.

If Jones has strong feelings for McCarthy, Jones will give him a contract extension, right? Maybe not. If it were simply a matter of not buying out the final year of McCarthy's contract, Jones would let McCarthy finish the deal and then decide what to do next.

Either way, this isn't the best strategy to make fans think Jones really wants to win another Super Bowl.