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Creator Lisa Joy on Who’s Alive, Who’s Dead – Deadline

Creator Lisa Joy on Who’s Alive, Who’s Dead – Deadline

Warning: This postmortem podcast contains spoilers about tonight Westworld Season 4 Final Kyu Sera, Sera”

We are too far from the park. Remember, the western city from season one? The final episode of HBO’s Season 4 Westworld The night concluded after a brawl between humans and hosts and more questions about who’s alive and who lives in the hypothetical Beyond Valley. on private Crew call Tonight we talk to Westworld Content Builder Lisa Joy To sort it all out.

You can listen to our conversation here:

Season 4 is set seven years after the upheaval of Season 3 where we saw Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), Caleb (Aaron Paul) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) bring out the massive and predictive Rehoboam supercomputer. Well, there were more revolutions in last Sunday’s episode and in the night with human bodies and hosts lying.

Joys says, “Humans and their hosts, will only destroy themselves. Life on Earth as we know it is over.”

Paranoid host Charlotte Hill (Tessa Thompson) deposited one of the last hostess pearls we know, Dolores/Christina, in Beyond Valley and sealed it at Hoover Dam, just as advised by Bernard (Jeffrey Wright). The valley beyond is, well, like hosts’ paradise. It is also called Sublime. Charlotte also destroyed her pearl and William/Man in Black (Ed Harris). However, they could not host Heaven as we know it.

What now? “Conscious life on Earth is gone, but part of it may be preserved…in my world,” Dolores/Christina of Evan Rachel Wood says at the end of tonight’s episode.

“There is plenty of time for one last game – a dangerous game with high stakes. Survival or Extinction,” continues Dolores/Christina, “This game ends where it began, in a world like a maze that tests who we are. This reveals who we are to become.” And see, she’s back in Westworld western town park.

Is this the end Westworld? Has AI’s misuse of power always been in a vicious cycle? Tonight Joey tells us that she and her husband/co-creator Jonathan Nolan have yet to have word on a season 5 renewal. However, at the start of the season she told us, “Jonah (Nolan) always had an ending on our mind that we hoped we could get to. We haven’t gotten there yet.”

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Here is a summary of the fates of the various characters tonight:


Dolores/Christina (and Teddy). Teddy helped Cristina see the light and realize that she was Dolores’ spirit. Christina has an epiphany that she realizes is “a show that runs things behind the scenes.” Teddy James Marsden says, “Your ideas are real… and the impact you can have on the world is real.” Christina finds the iconic maze logo from the series running in her memory. Regarding the world around you, Christina says “It was me, I did it. Hill didn’t design it. Part of me must have been looking.” That’s why Christina also created her roommate Maya (Ariana Debus); To help her understand herself on her own. After Charlotte uploads the Pearl Dolores to Valley of the Beyond, Teddy shines, then Christina wakes up from a dream and sees her prairie version. “I am here to tell you the truth about who we are; we are reflections of the people who made us,” Dolores told Cristina. Even though Teddy “disappears” and gets glamorous, Christina/Dolores thinks he’s real and “somewhere in a cool place.” Episodes end with Dolores emerging as a seemingly lovable in a supported version of Times Square which then melts away and transforms back into Westworld West Park. “The Overseas Valley is closed off from the world, these hosts are safe, Dolores is safe, well, Christina,” Joy tells us.

Joy also duly confirms that Dolores “is located in the Valley Beyond. So it’s alive in terms of its pearls, its kind of CPU loaded into that spot where all the other hosts have gone, and so on, what’s alive?” Does her physical existence exist? No, and it hasn’t been there all season. She was literally in a walled garden, but now that walled garden has been sent to some sort of digital infinity where she supposedly can make any world she wants.”

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Charlotte Hill (and William) – Did they die? Really seriously? Seriously, there must be a William and Charlotte pearls staircase somewhere. A drone flight attendant rescues and resurrects Charlotte’s murdered body at the top of the ring (killed last Sunday). “Make me stronger, leave my scars, I want to remember my past. Keep my face. When I find William, I want him to know I killed him,” says Charlotte, reconstructed by my drone hosts. It’s exhausting to get the guy, William, to blame for making “everyone crazy like him”. She finds the iPad with a message Bernard left her. “If you see this, it means Maeve and I are dead. It won’t be long before every host is dead. This is not the world you wanted, Charlotte, but the world you created, and the question is what happens next?”

Later on at Hoover Dam where William and Charlotte face each other, the man in black thinks he has evolved, even though he is no longer the man he was. Charlotte believes in the same, that she has evolved, and indeed while he tries to stab her with a big knife, she is literally as sturdy as The Terminator. “You gave hosts a free right to hunt down and kill humans,” Williams says, “You are as cultured as our creators are. I’m going to clear the history.” “This is your ultimate goal? Extinction?” retort hill. As mentioned above, she tracks down William killing him, and deposits the Christina/Dolores pearl in a valley/valley beyond. She sits next to Hoover Dam after the mission, exhales, opens her skull, takes out her pearl and crushes it. “How do you die as a host? But if you crush your CPU like that; that’s where the host’s soul resides, so to speak. So yeah, no more Hill,” Joey tells us on Crew Call.

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Clementine Penny Feather (Angela Sarafian) was killed by Caleb J’s daughter (Aurora Perino) with a bullet to the head. She wanted to site other outliers from Caleb and C, who she thought were off the grid.

Westworld 4 Final Series

Caleb and C: They make their way to a boat where C is headed with her friend. However, Caleb does not want to go. Earlier, Caleb learned from C that his wife/mother died of cancer. “Your father died a long time ago,” Caleb said to her. Bye crying.

We learned that Hill made several versions of Caleb this season. So which one did we end up here? The human?

Joey answers, “Here’s how this technology works. I actually started in the episode in season two with Mr. Delos, where the man in black is doing a test, a test of immortality, right? They’re trying to do this secret immortality project where if you duplicate someone in a way Perfect and put it in this CPU, you can let that person live forever.And what they found is when you combine the mind and soul of, let’s say, a CPU of someone inside an artificial body, like a body that refuses organ donation, it tends to reject that body , which is why he might collapse, and they can kind of extend the breakdown for longer and longer periods. But in the end it’s as if the mind knows this isn’t real and it’s causing malfunction, and that’s what Hale was doing with Caleb. She would bring it back over and over and watch it disintegrate, While she searches for some truth that she thinks he withheld from her.”

So what about Maeve, Bernard, and Man in Black? Are they dead, dead, dead?

Joy comments, “There are ways to bring the characters back. There are some faces we’ll see again, but not all. Some deaths have to be respected.”