June 18, 2024


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crossing “Barbie” US$500 million;  Sinking “The Last Voyage of Demeter” – Deadline

crossing “Barbie” US$500 million; Sinking “The Last Voyage of Demeter” – Deadline

Friday morning updateAnd Update for more…The only new wide release this weekend is Amblin’s Dracula period horror portrait The last flight of Demeter It is distributed by Universal. Manufactured 750 thousand dollars Last night in previews from showtime that began at 5 p.m. in 2,350 theaters in what is expected to be an underwhelming 3-day run of one-million-dollar feature productions. The R-rated PIC is expanding to 2,715 theaters today.

This preview result is close to last August’s vampire horror movie, the invitation, which grossed $775,000 in previews, $6.8 million opening and $25.1 million final domestic.

Why is this period horror movie in the calendar? Because it’s from horror filmmaker Andre O’Vredal. It rocked the box office in early August in 2019 with Scary stories to tell in the dark. This closed-label CBS Studios film grossed a staggering $2.3 million in previews for what turned out to be a $20.9 million opening in the face of its second weekend. Hobbes and Shaw. The PG-13 sleeper horror picture grossed approximately $69 million in the US/Canada and $104.5 million on a production cost of $25 million.

You will remember, Sonny Gran Turismo I moved on from that date and opted for two weeks of sneaking in before the August 25th launch in an effort to build word of mouth to take advantage of the Sony Playstation game. Never mind, like Warner Bros’ Barbie Is expected to prevail in weekend 4 with $31.8 million As you head to half a billion US dollars today. The Mattel-directed Greta Gerwig film just broke the $1 billion worldwide box office mark with less than $32 million from China. Barbie It took $7.1 million yesterday in 4,178 theaters, -3% from Wednesday, for a three-week total. $492.6 million.

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universal Oppenheimer It is also expected to decline -40% around the fourth weekend $17.5 million in 3,612 theaters. Christopher Nolan directed the three-hour drama at Imax and 70M grossed an estimated $3.6 million yesterday, -3% from Wednesday’s three-week run. $245.4 million.

With more theatrical changes in the release date expected for the rest of 2023, one of the heads of distribution wisely noted this week, “Watch Barbie And Oppenheimer Play through Thanksgiving.”

Paramount Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem It should also drop by about 40% $17 million The second weekend. During the first nine days, a Nickelodeon motion picture / Point Gray appeared 57 million dollars in 3,858 theaters.